AILC March to Parliament

On 14 March, thousands of people from all over the country marched through the streets of Delhi to Parliament demanding that the UPA Government quit in light of unprecedented corruption,

Bloodshed and Bold Resistance

[On 28 February, villagers protesting a thermal power plant in Kakarapalli, Andhra Pradesh, faced severe repression and police firing in which two were killed and many injured. On 2 March,

Attack on Dalits in Madurai

On 13 February, there was an attack on Dalits in Parali Pudur village near Madurai but which is part of Dindigul District. The police and administration failed to act for

Updates from Punjab AICCTU

The main base of AICCTU in Sangrur district is the brick kiln workers. They work most of the time as bonded labour; they get advance payments at the start of

Stop Imperialist Aggression on Libya

(with inputs from Arvind) With the Western powers and their allies including the Saudi monarchy launching a military intervention in Libya, the people’s ongoing movement to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi’s regime has