TMC Terror in West Bengal

The custodial killing of student activist Sudipto Gupta in West Bengal sparked off protests all over West Bengal and beyond. Since then, a veritable reign of terror of the ruling


Comrade Ghughali Prasad Participants in the Congress were shocked and saddened by the demise of one of the delegates, Comrade Ghughali Prasad, during the Congress. He had been ill but had

A Challenging Time for Venezuela

(Om Prasad, a leader of AISA in JNU, visited Venezuela on invitation from the National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) to be part of the International Electoral Accompaniment Program. He

Margaret Thatcher – Not Dead Yet?

Margaret Thatcher was an avowed imperialist and Cold Warrior, notorious among other things for her close friendship with Chile’s right wing-dictator and mass murderer Augusto Pinochet and with the South