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May Day 2016 : CPI (ML) and AICCTU May Day Events

May Day 2016 Some highlights of the 2016 May Day events from around the world include a massive rally by hundreds of thousands of Cubans which condemned the campaign to... (read full text)

Updates : RYA’s Uttar Pradesh State Conference Held in Lucknow

The 5th Uttar Pradesh State Conference of Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA) was held in Lucknow on 19th March. The Conference started off with a Student-Youth March from Charbagh Station to... (read full text)

Socialism As An Alternative

Reflections and Report on International Conference on Socialism for the 21st Century (Radhika Menon attended the Conference on Socialism for the 21st Century held in Sydney as the representative from... (read full text)

A Coup In Brazil

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, has been impeached by the country’s Senate on allegations of corruption. She stands suspended from Presidency, and has to face a trial. Dilma Rousseff has... (read full text)

London Rejects Islamophobia and Anti-Corbyn Smears, But Blairite Sadiq Khan Offers ‘Business As Usual’

The resounding victory of Labour candidate Sadiq Khan in the London mayoral elections which took place on 5 May demonstrated two things in particular. Firstly, in electing the first Muslim... (read full text)

159th Anniversary of the 1857 Uprising: Reclaiming India from Corporate-Communal Clutches

Corruption is back as the big talking point in Indian politics. But interestingly enough, the charges this time around are not being levelled by the opposition against the powers that... (read full text)

Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s Poem

Pseudo Nationalists (English translation of a poem by the great Tamil poet and freedom fighter Mahakavi Bharathiyar, reproduced here with the permission of the translator, writer Bhargavi Chandrasekharan. The poem’s... (read full text)

May 2016

... (read full text)

A Manifesto for May Day 2016 : Resist India, Resist!

It has been two years since Narendra Modi became India’s Prime Minister unleashing a trajectory of governance that is proving to be nothing short of a political calamity for our... (read full text)

Kolkata Calamity: Time to Question The ‘Flyover Model’ of Urban Development

On the 1st of April, a flyover that had been under construction for several years in Kolkata, collapsed in a crowded commercial area, trapping pedestrians and vehicles under concrete and... (read full text)

Let Us Not Confuse Consistency with Sectarianism

There is a renewed discussion among certain quarters comparing the 1975 Emergency to the current state of affairs in the country and also comparing the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom to the... (read full text)

Stop Massacre of Civilians in Kashmir

Less than ten days after the PDP-BJP Government assumed power in Kashmir, Kashmir has witnessed a fresh bout of killings of civilian protesters by Army bullets. Five civilians have been... (read full text)

Neglect Turns Drought into a Man-made Disaster

A severe drought has nearly half of India in its grip – and the drought is no bolt from the blue, but has affected various parts of the country for... (read full text)

An Early May Day In Bengaluru: Those Who Make in India, Revolt in India

Clifton D’Rozario on the garment workers’ uprising in Bengaluru This year, May Day came early to Bengaluru and the nearby towns of Maddur, Ramanagara, Nelamangala and Srirangapatna, and was celebrated... (read full text)

Bankruptcy Code Bill: Bailing Out Capitalists, Selling Out Workers

It has been said that Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell. The very fact that the proposed Bankruptcy Code hit the headlines at around the same time as... (read full text)

Arise My Country – For an India of Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar’s Dreams

Rohith Vemula was branded an “anti-national”, “extremist” and “casteist”. He was hounded to his death by a relentless ABVP-RSS-BJP campaign vilifying his ideas and his politics. Soon after, it was... (read full text)

The Left in 2016: Tough Challenges And Great Opportunities (Part IV)

In our far-from-comprehensive survey of recent developments in the international left-democratic movement we have already visited Venezuela, Greece, Britain and the US. In this concluding part we briefly discuss Portugal... (read full text)

Farmers Resist Land Grab for Freight Corridor

[The UPA Government had prepared plans for a massive expansion of the transport sector; which are now being repackaged by the Modi Government. Anticipating a quantum increase in the freight-carrying... (read full text)

Communal Conspiracies in Bihar and Jharkhand

(Parvez reports from Bihar and Manoj Bhakta from Jharkhand) Nitish Kumar talks big about a ‘Sangh-free India’, but his attitude towards the BJP and the Sangh Parivar’s communal agenda is... (read full text)