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Contract Sanitation Workers’ Struggle for Regularization in Bangalore

AICCTU led contract sanitation workers of BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) rallied more than a thousand and formed a human barricade demanding regularization of all contract sanitation workers on 2nd... (read full text)

Hold Panchayat Elections on Party Basis

The Bihar government has to take back its condition of mandatory toilet for fighting panchayat elections. It should be noted that the CPI(ML) and AIARLA had taken up a campaign... (read full text)

Lal Salaam Comrade Randhir Singh

Eminent Marxist scholar and popular teacher of political theory Prof Randhir Singh passed away on the night of 31st January in Delhi. He was 95. Prof Randhir Singh was a... (read full text)

The Strategic Goal of Socialism

(Excerpts from a talk by Prof Randhir Singh at a seminar on ‘The Present Political Situation and the Challenges of Strengthening the Left’, at Gandhi Peace Foundation, on the occasion... (read full text)

Red Salute, Comrade AB Bardhan

(25 September 1924 – 2 January 2016) (CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya pays tribute to veteran CPI leader Comrade AB Bardhan) As 2016 began its journey, Comrade AB Bardhan bade... (read full text)

‘Purging’ and ‘Pest Control’ – Chhattisgarh Style

In the wake of the JNU attack, we have seen prominent supporters of the Modi Government talking of the attack on campuses as ‘pest control,’ while BJP nd RSS leaders... (read full text)

Will They Call Tagore Anti-National ?

Will They Call Tagore Anti-National ? I have no hesitation in saying that those who are gifted with the moral power of love and vision of spiritual unity, who have... (read full text)

Reflections on Republic Day

Republic Day 2016 is no occasion for celebration but one for somber reflection. The suicide of Dalit scholar and scientist Rohith Vemula is a grim reminder of the fact that... (read full text)

WB Update : Can the CPI(M) Regain Lost Ground in Bengal

The stage has nearly been set for the forthcoming Assembly elections in West Bengal. Five years ago Mamata Banerjee had come to power with the grand promise of ‘parivartan’ (change)... (read full text)

Free Basics: Neither Free Nor Even Basic

Capitalism is so twisted that it can create massive fortunes for a tiny handful by giving a little something to ‘the poor’. While the wars of the last century were... (read full text)

A Dalit Scholar Killed By A Saffron Witch-hunt

The suicide of Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemula in University of Hyderabad (UoH) is nothing short of institutional murder. It is undeniable that the scientist, scholar and activist Rohith Vemula... (read full text)

Countrywide Solidarity With Struggle for Justice for Rohith Vemula

(Some of the solidarity actions in which CPIML and its mass organizations have participated in, are summarized below). After Rohith Vemula’s tragic suicide on 17 January, AISA and CPI(ML) have... (read full text)

Mere Paas Mantri Hai

(I Have The Minister On My Side) Just like at HCU, the ABVP has been blatantly using its connections with the RSS-BJP and the Modi government in campuses across the... (read full text)

The Left in 2016: Tough Challenges And Great Opportunities

Part I Just before New Year eve, one of the most authentic mouthpieces of international finance capital carried a lead article significantly titled Battered, Bruised and Jumpy – The Whole... (read full text)

A PM’s Belated Tears Are No Substitute For Justice

“PM Modi tweets every minor and random thing — be it a Mayor election or wishing somebody on their birthday. But he has not said anything on issues of grave... (read full text)

Mahendra Singh Martyrdom Day Observed All Over Jharkhand

The 11th martyrdom anniversary of people’s hero Comrade Mahendra Singh was observed as ‘sankalp diwas’ (pledge day) all over Jharkhand on 16 January. People thronged in huge numbers at the... (read full text)

Workers on War Path in Uttarakhand

Workers’ organized agitations are once again emerging in SIDCUL, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand). This industrial area is an important production centre of well-known auto manufacturing companies like Tata, Mahindra, Bajaj, etc. Recognition... (read full text)

Public Transport in Delhi

The Odd Even Scheme has met with general public support in Delhi and has definitely resulted in less traffic congestion in Delhi, if not yet in significantly lower pollution. Yet... (read full text)

Science in Saffron

We live in times when an elected Prime Minister addresses an audience of trained doctors, and tells them ostensibly in all seriousness, that the existence of the Hindu god Ganesha... (read full text)