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Remembering Ellen Meiksins Wood

(Tribute to renowned Marxist historian and scholar Ellen Meiksins Wood by Vivek Chibber, reproduced with thanks from Jacobin magazine, 15 January 2016). Ellen Meiksins Wood passed away yesterday (14 January... (read full text)

The People’s Scientist

(Tribute to the noted scientist, mathematician and philosopher of science Richard Levins, by Pankaj Mehta, reproduced with thanks from Jacobin magazine, 22 January 2016). Richard Levins, the great radical and... (read full text)

Violence and Intimidation by the Sangh and BJP

On 2nd Cover: Communal propaganda and violence by the Sangh Parivar continue unabated, as the Sangh outfits feel emboldened by the Modi Government at the Centre. Stirring the Communal Pot... (read full text)

Students’ Protest Expose Modi’s Crocodile Tears

(Liberation salutes Ram Karan Nirmal, Amrendra Kumar Arya and Surendra Nigam, the three students who raised slogans against Modi at the Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Convocation. The students, protesting Modi’s... (read full text)

Reject the Modi Emergency, Resist the Demonetization Disaster !

(Pledge Day Call issued by the Central Committee of CPI(ML) on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the passing of Comrade Vinod Mishra) The Modi government at the Centre... (read full text)

The Legacies of November and Naxalbari

For progressive Indians with a sense of history, 2017 will rekindle two great historical memories. 25 May 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising, and 7 November... (read full text)

SC Order On National Anthem Allows Bullies To Pose As Patriots

In a recent order, a Supreme Court bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy ordered the national anthem to be played in movie halls before every film, stipulating that... (read full text)

Modi Government Subverting Institutions, Undermining Constitutional Norms

In two and a half years the Modi Government has already packed Universities, educational and cultural institutions with hand-picked RSS men, overriding considerations of institutional autonomy and transparency. Now, constitutional... (read full text)

Note Ban : Propaganda Vs People

(India’s common people, hit by the Note Ban announcement by PM Modi on 8 November, initially thought that they would suffer temporarily for the noble cause of cleansing the country... (read full text)

People’s Voices On Note Ban

(Below are some testimonies from various People’s Tribunals and campaigns on the Note Ban, held in Patna, Udaipur and Delhi.) At a People’s Tribunal held in Patna on December 2... (read full text)

Demonetization: The Digital Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing

Forty days into the supposed ‘demonetization’, it is clear that the Modi sarkaar did not intend this as a move to eradicate black money. While it was always clear to... (read full text)

TRIBUTE : Long Live The Legacy Fidel Castro

Flags flew at half mast in all CPI(ML) offices all over the country to pay respects to Fidel Castro Ruz, the iconic leader of the Cuban revolution and towering figure... (read full text)

Commemorating Fidel: Thoughts on Cuba’s Experiment with Organic Agriculture

Cuban leader Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz passed away at the age of 90 on November 25, 2016 in Santiago de Cuba. For the last six decades, Cuba and Castro were... (read full text)

Comrade Ganeshan

Comrade Ganeshan (PV Srinivas), a founding leader of the CPI(ML) Liberation, passed away at 2.30 am on 6 December 2016 in a hospital in Delhi, where he had been admitted... (read full text)

People’s Poet Inquilab

The noted Tamil poet, dramatist and rationalist Inquilab passed away on December 1, 2016. He was 72. He was born Shahul Hameed at Keezhakarai in Ramanathapuram district, he had been... (read full text)

Abhivyakti Conference In Goa : Against Communalism, In Defence of Free Speech

Dakshinayan Abhiyan, a cultural organization based in Goa organized a three-day conference, Abhivyakti, from 18–20 November 2016 at Madgaon, Goa. The conference was organized to deliberate on the growing communal... (read full text)

Letter To Law Commission Regarding Personal Law Reform

To, Dr B S Chauhan, Chairman, Law Commission of India Sub: Response to Appeal and Questionnaire released by the Law Commission... (read full text)

Socialism International Conference 2016 (Malaysia)

The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) organized an International Conference – Socialism International 2016 – in Malaysia. The Conference was held at Kuala Lumpur on 25-27 November. Comrade Balasubramanian, Central... (read full text)

8th Patna Film Festival Against War-Mongering

Inaugurating the 8th Patna film festival “Cinema of Resistance” organized by Hirawal, Jan Sanskriti Manch, and The Group on 4 December, distinguished scientist, film-maker and poet Gauhar Raza reminded people... (read full text)

Dalits Self Dignity Convention at Bangalore

On 18 December 2016, on the occasion of Vinod Mishra Memorial Day, Dalits held a Self-Dignity Convention in Bangalore. Workers engaged in sanitation work and employed in government organisations, public... (read full text)