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Recommendations by the Report of Raghuram Rajan Committee: A Critical Assessment

The Raghuram Rajan Committe Report (2013) proposes a general method of allocation of funds based on two criteria firstly ‘developmental needs’ of states measured by performance in certain socio-economic indicators... (read full text)

Cover Feature : A Massacre of Justice

What happened to the blood spilt at Laxmanpur Bathe on the night of December 1st 1997? The blood of 58 people, butchered in their sleep? The blood of the poorest... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Justice Not Vengeance:

(Excerpts from the special article by Bela Bhatia in EPW, September 21, 2013 Vol XlVIII No. 38, Economic & Political Weekly) …Wails and cries now rented the air, heavy with... (read full text)

Combating Communalism and Islamophobia

On September 30th, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde wrote to all Chief Ministers asking them to ensure that “no innocent Muslims is detained in terror cases.” This recognition of an... (read full text)

Shahid (Azmi): Beyond the Film

(Mahtab Alam is a Delhi based civil rights activist and journalist. He co-edits IndiaResists.com and currently working on a book on Shahid Azmi. Email: activist.journalist@gmail.com) I am pained, the heart... (read full text)

UPDATES : Withdraw the UPA Ordinance to Protect Criminals

It was the Congress-led UPA government that brought in the latest ordinance which sought to negate a Supreme Court order summarily disqualifying MPs and MLAs convicted for serious crimes. The... (read full text)

Update : On the “Right to Reject”

The recent Supreme Court order granting voters the right to record a “none-of-the-above” (NOTA) option in the voting machine itself, i.e., to reject all candidates in the fray and make... (read full text)

Update : ‘Save UP-Save Democracy’ Rally in Lucknow

A state wide rally was held by CPI(ML) in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh on 21st October, to highlight the rising danger of communalism and betrayal of the promises... (read full text)

Update : All India Kisan Mahasabha Holds Dharna at Parliament Street

AIKM held a protest dharna at Parliament Street in the National Capital on 30 September to highlight various demands of peasants, particularly protection of farmers’ lands and addressing agrarian crisis... (read full text)

Update : March to Rajbhawan in Karbi Anglong

About 500 people at the call of CPI(ML), KSA and KNCA, condemning attack on democracy in Karbi Anglong and demanding release of all CPI(ML) and KSA leaders, marched to the... (read full text)

Update : Cyclone Phaillin: Devastated People Await Relief

On the night of 12 October cyclone Phaillin with a wind speed of 250 kmph hit the entire coast of Odisha with the eye of the storm centred at Gopalpur... (read full text)

Update : CPI(ML) Leader Jagat Martoliya Arrested to Prevent Calamity-Affected from Meeting Uttarakhand CM

CPI-ML activists conducted State-wide protests against the arrest of Jagat Martoliya and 40 comrades who have continuously been fighting for the cause of those affected in Dharchula-Manusyari by the Uttarakhand... (read full text)

Update : AIPWA Leader Addresses Talks in the US and UK

AIPWA Secretary and CPI(ML) Politburo member Kavita Krishnan delivered the 3rd Maharaj Kaul memorial lecture on September 26th at the behest of the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of... (read full text)


Com. MP Sinha Comrade MP Sinha, a former Vice-President of the Indian People’s Front in Bihar passed away in Patna on 5 October 2013 at the age of 89 after... (read full text)

The US Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Row

Far from being a passing shadow, the curious developments in America was symptomatic of a defining paradox of the political economy of that country and at the same time reflective... (read full text)

On Cover 2 : General Giap and the Myth of American Invincibility

(Excerpted from article by James A. Warren, Daily Beast, October 12, 2013) Just before the American ground war in Vietnam began in March 1965 with the landing of a brigade... (read full text)

On Cover 3 : Modi “Should Feel Ashamed Of Himself In Bhagat Singh’s Company”

Recently, there has been news that Modi will release a coffee table version of Bhagat Singh’s jail notebooks. Bhagat Singh’s family members have vehemently opposed this move, and Bhagat Singh... (read full text)

Narendra Modi: Lethal Mix of Communal and Corporate Fascism

The BJP has predictably completed the formality of anointing Narendra Modi the party’s PM candidate for 2014 and once again LK Advani has gone through the motions of sulking and... (read full text)

Vanzara’s Resignation Letter: Unfolding Truth About Modi’s Murderous Regime

Along with the 2002 communal pogrom, Gujarat’s series of fake encounters too have emerged as something that will haunt Modi in his bid to be PM. DG Vanzara, Modi’s pet... (read full text)