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In Memory

In Memory of Martyrs – Charu Mazumdar At midnight of 4th and 5th August the police captured Comrade Saroj Dutta and on that very night shot him dead secretly. Chairman... (read full text)

Updates : Fact-finding team into Birbhum Gangrape

At Labhpur in Birbhum in West Bengal, on 21 January night, a 20-year old adivasi woman was gang-raped by 13man reportedly after a village ‘salishi sabha’ (akin to khap panchayat)... (read full text)

Reform the Police! Make Police Accountable to Democratic Rights! Reclaim the Republic!!

On the eve of the 65th Republic Day, Delhi witnessed a dharna by the AAP ministers and MLAs in Delhi. As the dharna entered its second day, Kejriwal said there... (read full text)

The AAP Phenomenon: Notes on India’s Changing PoliticalLandscape and Discourse

The dramatic rise of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi is the most talked-about political development in India today. Its leaders call it a big bang emergence which has unleashed... (read full text)

The All Too ‘Aam’ Face of Racism and Sexism in Delhi

Last year, a large number of young people in the anti-rape movement in Delhi called for ‘Bekhauf Azadi’ – Fearless Freedom – explicitly rejecting the kind of ‘security’ that was... (read full text)

Letter by Citizens to Delhi CM Demanding Action Against Racist Minister

To Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Founder, Aam Aadmi Party and Chief Minister, Delhi CC: Shri Yogendra Yadav, Shri Prashant Bhushan Our Demands 1. Remove Somnath Bharti from his position as Law... (read full text)

Muzaffarnagar: The Battle for Relief, Rehabilitation and Justice

A CPI(ML) team led by the Party General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya visited the Malakpur and Jaula relief camps in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts on 8 January 2014. The team also... (read full text)

Jansamvad Yatra in Bihar

(Towards the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, CPI(ML) conducted a Jansamvad Yatra from 10-25 January, interacting with people to seek out their concerns and their agenda. A report.) CPI (ML)’s Jansamvad... (read full text)

Historicising the Contemporary: Making Sense of Paribartan in Bengal

EPW, Vol – XLIX No. 3, January 18, 2014 Passive Revolution in West Bengal: 1977-2011 by Ranabir Samaddar (New Delhi: Sage Publications), 2013; pp XXV + 240, Rs. 650. Ranabir... (read full text)

Update : WB Govt’s New Lows after Madhyamgram Repeated Gangrape and Murder

The Madhyamgram double gangrape and murder of the 16 year old girl, abduction of the victim’s body and a tempts by police to forcibly cremate it has brought out once... (read full text)

Update : Mill Owners Rule Over Sugar Cane Farmers In UP

The recent Muzaffarnagar riots in UP, sponsored by the Samajwadi Party government and the BJP, not only claimed 50,000 lives and rendered thousands homeless, but the rampant communal passions also... (read full text)

Update : Janvikalp Sabha in Bagodar On Comrade Mahendra Singh’s Martyrdom Day

CPI (ML) organized a huge Jansankalp Rally in Bagodar on 16 January 2014, the 9th anniversary of Com. Mahendra Singh’s martyrdom. Addressing the sea of people gathered on this occasion... (read full text)

Update : RMP Statement: On The Verdict In The TP Chandrasekharan Murder Case

The court verdict in the T.P. Chandrasekharan murder case delivers a major blow to the cult of assassinating political rivals, practiced by the CPI(M) in Kerala. The court has found... (read full text)


Comrade Daulat Ram State Vice President of CITU and noted labour leader of Kanpur Com. Daulat Ram passed away on 1 January. Com. Daulat Ram took part in the Kanpur... (read full text)

Poetics of Subalternity: Remembering Namdeo Laxman Dhasal (1949-2014)

I vividly remember that sweaty summer afternoon of 20th June in 2007, when I had the fortunate opportunity to speak to maverick poet and activist Namdeo Dhasal who authored the... (read full text)

ON COVER : African and Indian Residents of Khirkee Village Speak at Sit-In Against Racist Violence

“My friend told me, don’t go outside, they are beating up African women. I was planning to go out, but I stayed in and locked my door. They banged on... (read full text)

The Savage Greed of The Civilised AAP, moral posturing and ordinary racism

(Excerpts form areport of the anti-racist dharna by Shuddhabrata Sengupta in Kafila) The savage greed of the civilized stripped naked its own unashamed inhumanity’ — Africa, Rabindranath Tagore Delhi Law... (read full text)

CC Call for 2014 : All for the Big Battle of 2014! All for the Victorious Assertion of the People!!

(In lieu of editorial) 2013 had begun on a high note of popular assertion and the momentum continued through the year. The unprecedented upsurge of young India triggered by the... (read full text)