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Why the CBI Director’s Rape-Speak Can’t Be Excused

Running under the overwhelming outrage over the CBI Director’s analogy between ‘legalising betting’ and ‘enjoying rape’, one can sense an undercurrent of sympathy. ‘It’s just an analogy/proverb after all, what’s... (read full text)

December 16th Movement: Looking Back A Year Later

A year ago, a massive movement erupted on the streets of Delhi and the country – against the brutal gangrape of a young woman on a bus, leading to her... (read full text)

‘Feudal, Communal Forces Beware’

“Only CPI(ML) could have had the guts and the ability to successfully hold such a massive Rally in spite of constant talk of bomb threats. Only CPI(ML)’s mass base is... (read full text)

The day when Patna was occupied

Patna wore a different look on the day of Khabardar Rally. From early in the morning one could see streams of people walking down Station Road, in groups of varying... (read full text)

UPDATES : AIPWA Protests Inaction of Odisha Govt. Against Sexual Harassment

Battling for life for five days, Itishree Pradhan, a school teacher who was set ablaze for refusing to withdraw a complaint of sexual harassment case against a school inspector in... (read full text)

Update : NOIDA Workers’ Convention for Justice and Rights

AICCTU organized a Convention for Justice and Rights on 10th November 2013 for the falsely implicated and incarcerated workers from NOIDA, who were put in jail following the historic all... (read full text)

Update : Calamity-Affected Protest on the Eve of Uttarakhand State Formation Day

Five months have gone by since the terrible disaster in Uttarakhand but the Congress government in the State has neither yet been able to provide relief to the victims, nor... (read full text)

Update : Jan Adhikar Rally in Munsyari

The Jan Adhikar rally of the CPI(ML), attended by people in large numbers, placed the State government of Uttarakhand in the dock on the issues of rehabilitation and State repression... (read full text)

Update : Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of WFTU Adopts Malaysia Declaration

The Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of the World Federation Of Trade Unions (WFTU) was held on 25-26 Oct 2013 in Port Dickson, Malaysia. This well-attended meeting, hosted by National Union of... (read full text)

Update : Peasants’ Struggle Against Land Grab at Bareilly

Peasants whose land was grabbed to make a bypass in Bhuda, Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), have been struggling to demand dignified and adequate compensation. The police unleashed repression on the peaceful... (read full text)

Obituary – I

Comrade Dilip Mondol Veteran revolutionary leader Comrade Dilip Mondol (Probodh Bardhan) breathed his last at around 8 am today on 22 November 2013 at Sangamahal village (Shyampur-B colliary), Nirsa area... (read full text)

OBITUARY II : The Lessing Legend

[Doris Lessing, a Nobel Literature laureate and one of the most important literary figures of our time, passed away at the age of 94. Born in Iran on October 22... (read full text)

TALK : Industrialisation : For Whom, By Whom?

(Based on talk given at Lattice 2013, the annual symposium of PGPEX students in IIM Kolkata on 25 December 2013) It is really encouraging to see students at IIM Kolkata... (read full text)

On Cover : CPI(ML)’s Khabardar Rally Reasserts Bihar’s Fighting Resolve Defying Modi’s ‘Hunkaar’ and Conspiratorial Blasts

The last week of October was a week of rallies for Patna. On October 25, the CPI held a ‘Janakrosh’ (People’s Anger) rally, which witnessed arguably the biggest gathering by... (read full text)

On Cover : Opinions, Opinion Polls, and Democracy

The Election Commission’s move of seeking political parties’ opinions on banning pre-election opinion polls has sparked off a heated debate. On the one hand, the Congress has called for an... (read full text)

Boldly Confront Corporate-Backed Corruption and Clamour for Modi

Even as the Congress tries hard to hit an emotional pitch over its food-for-vote campaign, the spectre of corruption keeps coming back to haunt it hard, challenging its survival in... (read full text)

The Fodder Scam Verdict : Lessons and Challenges

The conviction of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Jagannath Mishra and Jagdish Sharma in the Rs 950-crore fodder scam by a special CBI court in Ranchi is now likely to result in... (read full text)

India Must Reject the Manmohan Legacy of Shameful Subservience to US Interests

Ahead of the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Manmohan Singh had clinched the Indo-US nuclear deal with George Bush in 2008. Five years later, as India awaits the general elections of... (read full text)

Banking Reforms: Alarm Bell of Denationalisation and Foreign Takeover

RBI Govenor Raghuram Rajan’s recent proposals made before the American financial establishment and press in Washington portend an ominous future for the Indian banking sector. Together with the Banking Laws... (read full text)