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One Year of Naxalbari Struggle — Charu Mazumdar

Full one year has passed since the peasant struggle in Naxalbari began. This struggle is different from all other peasant struggles. Where is the difference? Peasants have always struggled against... (read full text)

Naxalbari – Past and Present

(Excerpts from a piece by Vinod Mishra, Deshabrati, September 1990) Naxalbari means the beginning of a revolutionary political stream in national politics based on this peasant awakening. Naxalbari did not... (read full text)

The Cultural Aspect of The Naxalbari Uprising

(Excerpts from an article by Pranay Krishna (translated from Hindi) which appeared in the Deepavali Special edition of the Hindi daily Prabhat Khabar in November 2009) The Naxalbari peasant uprising... (read full text)

Naxalbari And India’s Democratic Rights Movement

(Liberation looks at the linkages between Naxalbari and the birth of India’s democratic rights movement.) Sattar mein kasa kalkatte par, kuch jawan umangon ke natey Kas gaya mulk ki gardan... (read full text)

Naxalbari Veteran Comrade Shanti Munda Remembers — 25 May 1967

(Comrade Shanti Munda is a veteran of the Naxalbari peasant uprising. Goutam Chakraborty and Basudeb Bose spoke to her at her home in Sebdolla Jote in Hatighisa village of Naxalbari... (read full text)

My Memories of the Early Days of Naxalbari

Abhijit Mazumdar [What was the impact of the Naxalbari movement on family members of CPI(ML) leaders? Here, Abhijit Mazumdar, that speak of his memories of his father Comrade Mazumdar, mother... (read full text)

Saharanpur Carnage

Punishing Politically Assertive, Self-Reliant Dalits Who Refuse to be Foot Soldiers of Hindutva’s Hate Politics (On 5 May, Dalits in Shabbirpur village of Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh were attacked... (read full text)

India’s Human Rights Rhetoric And Reality

Kavita Krishnan Presenting India’s human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process in May 2017, Indian Government representative, Attorney... (read full text)

Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti Activists Being Forced to ‘Surrender’ As Maoists

(A fact finding team comprising environmental and social activist Priya Pillai, All India Progressive Women’s Association Secretary Kavita Krishnan, senior activist Chittaranjan Behera, Santi Snigdha Mohanty of Delhi Solidarity Group... (read full text)

Rajendra Dhasmana: A Strong Voice of Dissent in Literature And Politics

– Madan Mohan Chamoli and Indresh Maikhuri Rajendra Dhasmana, born in Pauri Garhwal (Uttarakhand), intellectual-thinker, journalist-editor, theatre activist, cultural activist, and a strong voice of dissent in literature and politics... (read full text)

AISA-RYA’s ‘School On Streets’ Campaign In Bhojpur

Even as the central and state governments refuse to improve access and quality of all to government schooling – the only means of equal educational opportunities as well as right... (read full text)

Cracking Down on Freedom of Expression in BJP-ruled States

Comrade Parimal Gore, the Convener of Revolutionary Youth Association in Behali and also a district committee member of the CPI(ML), was arrested in Biswanath district, Assam on May 8, for... (read full text)

Why Does The LDF Government Justify The Custodial Killing of Revolutionary Martyr Arikkad Varghese?

Arikkad Varghese was one of the young Naxalite revolutionaries organizing the oppressed adivasi people of Wayanad. The Naxalite movement in that area challenged the intense feudal oppression of adivasis who... (read full text)

Naxalbari Movement’s ‘People-First’ Patriotism

(‘Mukt Hobe Priya Matribhumi’ – The Beloved Motherland Will Be Free was one of the favourite songs of the Naxalbari movement’s revolutionaries, and it best embodies the movement’s spirit of... (read full text)

Remembering Rashmoni

(Excerpts from a poem written by Sameer Roy in 1968 during the Naxalbari movement – in memory of Rashmoni, a woman of the Hajong tribe who was killed by the... (read full text)

Protest Against Arrest of Comrade Asgar Ali in Katihar

Senior CPI(ML) leader and steadfast fighter for land rights for the poor, Comrade Asgar Ali was arrested on 17 May 2017 at around 2 PM in Katihar. The party demands... (read full text)

Protests Against the Spate of Lynch Mob Killings in Jharkhand

Following circulation of rumours on WhatsApp about child-lifting, seven people were killed on 18 May 2017 by lynch mobs near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Three of those killed in the first... (read full text)

SC’s approach in Justice Karnan issue cannot be justified

– S Kumarasamy SC is final not because it is infallible. It is infallible only because it is final. SC should accept that it can also commit errors. As Justice... (read full text)

Hang Him

He says he wants bread and clothes Not only that, he wants justice too On top of that he wants genuine freedom too Hang him He says he wants regular... (read full text)