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French Elections 2017: No Cause for Celebration

In contrast to some of the shock wins for far-right forces internationally of recent months – the Trump victory and the British vote for Brexit in particular, the big news... (read full text)

‘We Must Unite to Resist the Racist and Fascist Right’

(Based on Comrade Dipankar’s address at the inaugural session of the Marxism 2017 conference hosted by the Socialist Alternative group of Australia in Melbourne from 13 to 16 April, 2017)... (read full text)

May 2017

... (read full text)

Modi’s and Raje’s Deafening Silence Over Alwar Mob Lynching

Murderous attacks on Muslims by Hindutva mobs in the name of ‘cow protection’ – or other pretexts – have become grimly ‘normal’ in the past three years of Modi rule... (read full text)

UP Crackdown on Slaughterhouses Has A Divisive and Destructive Agenda

Just as Donald Trump’s Travel Ban is widely recognised as being a covert ‘Muslim ban,’ Yogi Adityanath’s supposed crackdown on “illegal” abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh is a thinly veiled attack... (read full text)

Anti-Romeo Squads Attack Women’s Freedom

— Kanika Singh One of the first steps taken by Yogi Adityanath on becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was to set up what the government called ‘anti-Romeo’ squads... (read full text)

BJP Engineers Communal Incidents All Over India

(In March-April, incidents of communal violence or attempts to foment such violence have taken place at several places – in Gujarat, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, W Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Here... (read full text)

Panjab University: Another Assault On Universities and Education

— Radhika Krishnan It has been a tumultuous period in several college and University campuses across the country. We were recently confronted with horrific images of students in Panjab University... (read full text)

Agrarian Crisis and Farmers’ Distress

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced a waiver of crop loans up to Rs. 1 lakh. Although this move falls short of the BJP’s election promise of waiver... (read full text)

Modi Model: Making Kashmir Crackdown Fodder for Hindutva Politics

The recently concluded by-polls in Kashmir and its aftermath underline the Modi Government’s dangerous shift in Kashmir policy. The Srinagar by-poll on April 9 recorded an abysmally low vote percentage... (read full text)

Save Kulbhushan Jadhav

A military court in Pakistan has sentenced an Indian national and former Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav to death on charges of being a RAW agent involved in “espionage and sabotage... (read full text)

Finance Bill 2017

Daylight Assault on Democracy, Legalized Corruption and Company Raj (The manner in which the Finance Bill 2017 was passed in the Lok Sabha was a complete violation of parliamentary democracy... (read full text)

Champaran Satyagraha Centenary

Amidst official commemorations of the centenary of the Champaran Satyagraha, it is necessary to stress the contemporary relevance of that historic peasant movement that played such a crucial part in... (read full text)

Retrieving the Erased Histories of The Champaran Satyagrahaa

— Mohammad Sajjad (The author is a professor of history at Aligarh Muslim University.) The centenary celebration of the Champaran Satyagrahaa coincides with half a century of the Naxalite movement... (read full text)

8th Congress of Revolutionary Workers’ Party Bangladesh + 2

8th Congress of Revolutionary Workers’ Party Bangladesh A CPI(ML) delegation attended the 8th Party Congress of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party of Bangladesh in Dhaka. The delegation of 5 comrades (CPI(ML)... (read full text)

A Tribute to Kishori Amonkar

— Awadhesh Kishori Amonkar is no more (1932-2017). Her demise at the age of 84 cannot be termed unexpected, after a life lived full and devoted to the practice of... (read full text)

In Memory Of Comrade Srilata Swaminathan

(This tribute to Comrade Srilata by Kumudini Pati first appeared in Mainstream.) Srilata Swaminathan was not only a comrade, with whom I worked for almost ten long years in the... (read full text)

Remembering Chandu, Friend and Comrade

— Kavita Krishnan (This article first appeared on 31 March, 2017 on Kafila.online) It’s been twenty years since the assassin’s bullets took Chandu away from us, at 4 pm on... (read full text)

Letters to Namdeo Dhasal

(Kavita Krishnan reviews the second volume of poems by Chandramohan S, a Kerala-based Indian English Dalit poet.) Chandramohan’s poetry has the contemporary sharpness of a news bulletin, the headline of... (read full text)

A Citizen Stands With Victim Of Communal Bullying

Last week, Comrade Santosh Roy, National Secretary of AICCTU and a long-standing leader of the DTC Workers’ Unity Centre, was traveling on the violet line of the Delhi metro. Opposite... (read full text)