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Pricing Natural Gas: UPA’s Latest Gambit for Reliance

With barely few months to go for polls, UPA-II, is in utter haste to meet its deadlines, clinch as many corrupt crony deal as it can. Latest being its no-holds-barred ... (read full text)

Reliance’s Krishna Godavari D6 Basin venture: Multi-Layered Cronyism From Day One

“You should not do anything illegal. First of all, the law should be changed”- Dhirubhai Ambani, quoted in the book Polyester Prince by Hamish McDonald. Natural resources like hydrocarbon reserves ... (read full text)

New Government in Jharkhand Will Mean Manifold Increase in Loot

(An interview with CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya) CPIML had demanded dissolution of the Assembly. Now a new coalition comprising JMM, Congress, and RJD has emerged to form a government ... (read full text)

Special Report : Uttarakhand People’s Struggle for Rehabilitation

(In Uttarakhand, for the hill people, disasters are not a single calamitous televised event. Daily, they live in the shadow of disaster. Every year, there are calamities, their homes are ... (read full text)

Cover Feature # The Ruling Class Political Discourse :

Seeking to Silence Burning Questions of People’s Movements The recent years have been years of sustained democratic struggles, intense people’s movements and people’s assertion. There were massive waves of protest ... (read full text)

Cover Feature : The Battle For Justice Against State Sponsored Violence

(Mukul Sinha, an advocate and activist based in Gujarat, has been active in the efforts to expose fake encounters in Gujarat. He also represented Manipur fake encounter victims before the ... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Indictment of AFSPA and Army’s ‘Licence to Kill

(The Supreme Court recently appointed a Committee headed by former Justice Santosh Hegde to examine allegations of fake encounters in Manipur. In January 2013, the Justice Verma Committee report on ... (read full text)

Repression and Callousness Claim Lives in Bihar: Nitish Kumar’s ‘Sushasan’ Exposed

Less than a week after Nitish Kumar had secured the trust vote for his government with the help of the Congress, CPI and four independent MLAs, Bihar experienced yet another ... (read full text)

Bagaha Firing: The Facts

A CPI(ML) fact-finding team visited Bagaha immediately after the firing and ascertained the facts. The team comprosed State Standing Committee member Viendra Prasad Gupta, State Standing Committee member and former ... (read full text)

Mashrakh MDM Massacre: Nitish Government Has Blood of Children on Its Hands

(A report by CPI(ML)’s Bihar State Secretary Kunal) The massacre of 23 school children through the mid-day meal on 16th July in Dharmasati Gandaman village of Mashrakh block in Saran ... (read full text)

Women Workers’ Convention In TN

AICCTU held a state level Women Workers’ Convention in Tirunelveli on June 30. The convention paid homage to the army jawans and others who lost their lives in the rescue ... (read full text)

AISA-RYA’s Protests Succeed in Rolling Back

Changes in Banking Exam Criteria AISA and RYA spearheaded countrywide protest against the newly imposed criteria of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). As a result of the protests, the ... (read full text)

update : Solidarity with Maruti Workers

Exactly one year ago, the management and its hired goons led a brutal attack on the workers inside the factory premises of Maruti Suzuki when talks were going on between ... (read full text)

UPDATES : Protests Demanding Arrest of Comrade Gangaram Kol’s Killers Continue

As part of the ongoing protests demanding Justice for Comrade Gangaram Kol, the party held a protest procession on 23rd June in Dibrugarh district (Tingkhong area). The procession began from ... (read full text)

On Cover : Dalit Youth Killed By the Politics Against Inter-Caste Marriage

“I now can really understand the horrendous nature of caste and the heinous things it is capable of after falling in love.” This is what Ilavarasan told a journalist after ... (read full text)

On Cover # Shame : India The Only Country To Defend US Spying!

Thanks to Manmohan Singh and his Government, India has achieved the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world servile enough to leap to the defence of the ... (read full text)

July 2013

... (read full text)

The Stage Is Set for the Lok Sabha Elections

The stage is almost set for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and battle lines are nearly drawn. Major parties of the ruling classes – whether ‘national’ parties like the Congress ... (read full text)

The Anointment of Modi and Yet another Resignation Drama by Advani

Mr. Advani has done it again. In the evening of his life, the sulking leader once again resigned from all his posts in the party only to withdraw it the ... (read full text)

The JD(U)-BJP Split: Opportunities and Challenges for the Left in Bihar

The JD(U)-BJP alliance has finally come to an end. According to Nitish Kumar, the alliance was no longer tenable and the time had come when it had to be ‘sacrificed’ ... (read full text)