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Reclaiming Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. B R Ambedkar was voted as the ‘Greatest Indian After Gandhi’ in a poll conducted by Outlook, CNN IBN, and History TV18. Ambedkar beat Nehru and Sardar Patel, as... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Students And Youth Storm Barricades At Parliament Street

The battle lines became clear. Young people from all over India who marched to Parliament on 9 August, the anniversary of the Quit India movement, declaring ‘corporate plunderers Quit India’... (read full text)

Maruti Workers’ Struggle : Challenges for the Working Class

With the all-out offensive on the Maruti workers, the assault of neoliberal capital on labour in India is intensifying and assuming more dangerous dimensions. Consider the implications of some of... (read full text)

Behind the Present Wave of Unrest in the Auto Sector

We reproduce below an article by Research Unit for Political Economy (RUPE) that appeared in the Aspects of Indian Economy (No.52, June 2012). “Motown braces for wage revisions after three... (read full text)

Ghettoization Of Migrant Workers In TN

In Tamilnadu, in a short span of 3 days, one accident claimed the lives of 10 workers from Assam and injured more than 50 workers, and the other took the... (read full text)

Special Report : Successful Jharkhand Bandh Against Land Grab

Forced acquisition of land from adivasis is all too common in Jharkhand. On 25 July, the entire state came to a standstill in response to a Bandh called by the... (read full text)

Special Report : Growing Struggles Against Land Grab and Displacement in Bihar

W Champaran West Champaran is experiencing the biggest land grab since the grabbing of land by the colonial... (read full text)

Resisting Violence on Women

[The Guwahati mob molestation, the moral policing and molestation by Ram Sene at a party in Mangalore, murderous assaults and feudal sexual violence on women in UP and Bihar, a... (read full text)


Comrade Haricharan Teli Comrade Haricharan Teli passed away on 12th August, 2012, after a brief illness. He was around 90, and is survived by his son and three daughters. Another... (read full text)

Tribute : Gore Vidal: Rebel in the US Establishment

(US writer and intellectual Gore Vidal passed away on July 31 this year, aged 86. As a tribute to him, we carry excerpts from the article ‘The decline and fall... (read full text)

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Rebranding British History

How does an ex-imperial superpower now in deep decline represent itself to the world? How does one celebrate ‘Britishness’ without either projecting an openly offensive jingoism or satirizing the very... (read full text)

Massacre of Mineworkers in South Africa

In a shocking massacre, reminiscent of the worst horrors of the apartheid era, 34 striking South African mineworkers employed in the British mining company Lonmin, were gunned down by police... (read full text)

Forbesganj Struggle Continues: People Construct Bhajanpur-Sheetalpur Road

Thousands of villagers armed with traditional weapons offered ‘shramdaan’ and volunteered as labourers in order to construct the Bhajanpur-Sheetalpur road at Forbesganj, Bihar, on 16 August. This is a victory... (read full text)

Inauguration of Charu Bhawan

On 28 July 2012, the 40th anniversary of the martyrdom of CPI(ML)’s founding General Secretary and leader of the historic Naxalbari movement, Comrade Charu Mazumdar, the CPI(ML) inaugurated its Central... (read full text)

Presidential Poll 2012 and Beyond

As anticipated, Pranab Mukherjee has won the Presidential race hands down. With the UPA eventually staying intact, and support coming in from sections of NDA as well as the Left... (read full text)

Massacre of Adivasis in Bastar

On June 28 night, 17 people of adivasi villages of Bastar (Chhattisgarh) were killed in firing by CRPF, COBRA, and local police teams. This horrific incident, and the State’s response... (read full text)

What the Maruti Mayhem Means

On 18 July, yet another scene of violence in the auto industry was enacted, which claimed the life of an HR manager. What was responsible for this tragic sequence of... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Fresh Relevance and Urgency of the Struggle for Justice for Bathani Tola

16 years after the Bathani Tola massacre, the struggle for justice for Bathani Tola, far from being forgotten, has reemerged with fresh relevance and urgency in a new phase. Bathani... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Citizens’ Convention for Bathani Tola

The Citizens for Bathani Tola held a Convention at Speaker’s Hall, Constitution Club in the national capital on 15 July, demanding ‘Justice for Bathani Tola 1996 – Punish the Guilty’... (read full text)