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Cover Feature : Ranveer Sena Revisited: Feudal-Kulak Power and Lalu-Nitish Continuum

Two recent incidents – first, the shocking acquittal by the Patna High Court of 23 Ranveer Sena men convicted by a lower court for the barbaric Bathani Tola massacre (11... (read full text)

The Blood and the Land

(Excerpts from a fact- finding report on Amousi carnage in Khagaria district, for which 10 Mushars were sentenced to death and four to life imprisonment. Senior economist Jaya Mehta, activist... (read full text)

LEFT DEBATES : CPI(M)’s Second July Crisis: Denial, Deception and Desperation

The 20th Congress will go down in the CPI(M)’s history as the Congress of denial and deception. The Congress refused to recognise, let alone try and resolve, the real debate... (read full text)

LEFT DEBATES : AISA Welcomes SFI-JNU’s Decision to Oppose CPI(M) Stands on Pranab, TPC, Singur-Nandigram

The JNU unit of the Student’s Federation of India (SFI) decided at a general body meeting held on the night of July 5th, to oppose CPI(M)’s support for UPA’s Finance... (read full text)

Singur Verdict: Land Grab and Betrayal of Peasants’ Rights

In 2008, the division bench of the Calcutta High Court, comprising Chief Justice S.S. Nijjar and Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh, had held that land acquisition by the West Bengal Government... (read full text)

Update : Atrocities on Dalit Youth Leading Struggle Over Land

On July 15, Tika Ram was among the youths from Ramgarh village in Dadri who attended the Convention on Bathani Tola in Delhi, and spoke of their struggle against the... (read full text)

OBITUARY : Remembering Sunil Janah

Sunil Janah, one of the most important chroniclers of India’s independence movement and Partition passed away on 21st June this year. He was, not only, as he often told us... (read full text)

OBITUARY : Revisiting History With Captain Lakshmi Sehgal

(Captain Lakshmi Sehgal passed away of a heart attack on 23 July. She was 97. Liberation dips its flag in tribute to this brave fighter and legendary communist leader. Ironically... (read full text)

Bathani Tola

You came, mercenaries of the state. Sensing mortal danger from Our women and children, You cut them up as hyenas Cut and rip lesser animals That pursue their right To... (read full text)

Guwahati Molestation: Mob, Media, Police, and Government Are All Guilty

On the night of July 9, a young Class IX girl was assaulted by a mob on the streets of Guwahati – and the entire scene was telecast on TV... (read full text)

July 2012

... (read full text)

Presidential Poll 2012: Opportunist Realignment in Coalition Politics

As an electoral contest, the July 2012 presidential election is no cliff-hanger, even if the BJP and some regional parties are trying to deny the Congress a walkover. Given the... (read full text)

Who Killed Mohd. Qateel Siddiqi?

Mohd. Qateel Siddiqi of Darbhanga had been in jail since November 2011 after being arrested on charges of involvement in several blast cases. On 8 June, inside Yerawada jail in... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : Three Years of UPA-II : Insufferable Saga of Corruption and Economic Disaster

Even as the UPA government celebrated the third anniversary of its second term with a report card claiming record food grains production and a dramatic decline in poverty, the country... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : Coalgate Scam

A CAG report (the draft version of which has reached the media) has found that, during a period when the Coal Ministry was directly under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : Hike in Petrol Prices: Boosting Private Interest

The UPA led by Congress, which came to the power riding on the rhetoric of defending interests of the ‘common man’, continued its offensive on those interests with the Rs... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : Indian Economy in Deep Waters

The Indian economy is gripped by a veritable crisis. Agrarian woes are deepening, industrial growth is sharply dipping, inflation is persisting in the alarming zone, the unemployment rate is remaining... (read full text)

The Exit of Brahmeshwar Singh

Brahmeshwar Singh, the founder of the notorious Ranveer Sena and the mastermind behind dozens of massacres perpetrated by the Sena in Shahabad and Magadh regions of Bihar between 1995 and... (read full text)

Special Report : Comrade TP Chandrashekharan

(A JNU Students’ Union team comprising JNUSU President Sucheta De and JNUSU Councillor Shivani (both elected from All India Students’ Association – AISA) visited the family of martyred comrade TP... (read full text)

UPDATE : Another Milestone In PRICOL Workers’ Struggle: Tripartite Agreement Signed

A tripartite agreement at Pricol was signed on 8 June 2012. Struggles and agreements are not new in TU movement. In that case, how are the Pricol workers’ struggle and... (read full text)