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Communal Hatred the Mahapanchayat Way

An All India Students Association team visited Bawana on Sunday (November 2, 2014), met local people, witnessed the Mahapanchayat and the developments around it. This report is based on that... (read full text)

Chhattisgarh Sterilization Massacre

The deaths of 15 women in a sterilization camp in Chhattisgarh are an indictment of the criminal complicity of the Chhattisgarh Government in a corrupt and callous healthcare regime. They... (read full text)

DFID, the Gates Foundation and Neoliberal population control policies Fuelling sterilization atrocities

The horrifying deaths of at least fourteen women after undergoing surgery at sterilisation camps in Chhattisgarh highlight the ongoing violence of global population control policies which the British government is... (read full text)

Sterilization Deaths Are Medical Homicide

As told to Devjyot Ghoshal for Quartz – www.qz.com. In 2004, we performed a census of Chhattisgarh’s public hospitals that were equipped to perform caesarian sections routinely, and found that... (read full text)

Special Feature : Today’s Bihar : Development Hype and Ground Reality

Preface Development is the biggest buzzword of contemporary politics in India. The more official policies are dedicated to promoting privatisation and inviting FDI and the more soaring prices and all-pervasive... (read full text)

Special Feature : Survey: An Overall View

SURVEY AT A GLANCE Total number of families surveyed —– 206740Rural families —– 200106Urban families —– 6634Names missed out in voter list —– 134098 (23.09%)Total villages —– 1314Panchayats —– 826Blocks... (read full text)

Special Feature : Resolve for Change

The survey reveals the scale of acute mass deprivation in Bihar. But if we take a closer look, it also reflects the intensity of the people’s quest for a life... (read full text)

Conditions of Women Workers in the Tailoring Industry of Tamilnadu

An AICCTU team investigated the conditions of women workers in the tailoring industry in Ambattur and Karur. The team comprised State secretaries Comrades Mohan and Munusami in Ambattur, and State... (read full text)

Working Women’s Workshop in West Bengal

Close on the heels of the working women’s workshop held successfully in Hooghly on 9 November, a state level workshop was held jointly by AICCTU and AIPWA on Nov. 16... (read full text)

West Bengal Blast Probe

Witch-hunt by Investigative Agencies Ever since the Burdwan bomb blast, there has been a new phase of witch hunt of minorities in West Bengal. Corporate media houses have been running... (read full text)

The Personal Is Political

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking... (read full text)

Remembering Geeta Das # Red Salute to Minakshi Sen

Remembering Geeta Das I first met Geeta Das when I was a student in the 1990s. A small, feisty, lively woman, who moved busily, like a bird. A face full... (read full text)

TRIBUTE : Red Salute to Comrade Geeta Das!

Veteran revolutionary women’s leader of the party Comrade Geeta Das breathed her last on 24 October at her daughter’s house in Santoshpur, West Bengal. Comrade Geeta Das, popularly known among... (read full text)

Comrade Shah Chand: Epitome of Human Warmth and Communist Commitment

Comrade Shah Chand is no more. The soft-spoken, warm-hearted CPI(ML) leader known for his inexhaustible human compassion and unshakable communist commitment breathed his last in Patna Medical College and Hospital... (read full text)

Shah Chand as people remembered him

A loving spouse Jameela Khatun speaking about her husband, said: “We got married after he became mukhiya. At our wedding, the song for the groom went, “Our unmarried mukhiya, our... (read full text)

Historic Strike by West Bengal Tea Garden Workers

On 11-12 November, tea garden workers in West Bengal registered a militant protest demanding minimum wages and other workers’ rights. They held a 48-hours strike in the entire tea sector... (read full text)

Revisiting History # The Komagata Maru: Flag Carrier of the Ghadr Movement

The last issue of Liberation carried a report on a Ghadr centenary celebration that contained a broad overview of the historic movement and its current relevance. In this issue we... (read full text)

The Maharashtra-Haryana Verdict: Implications and Challenges

That Maharashtra and Haryana were ripe for a change of government was clearly a foregone conclusion. Both dispensations were seriously discredited and had lost all legitimacy in general public perception... (read full text)