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AISA Sweeps JNUSU Asserts Students’ Power in DUSU

Four months after the Lok Sabha elections paved the way for Narendra Modi and the BJP to assume power in Delhi, the national capital saw student union elections in both... (read full text)

Meet the newly elected JNUSU office bearers

President: Ashutosh Kumar Currently a Ph.D student in JNU, Ashutosh came to JNU in 2009 for an MA in International Studies, after completing a BA in political science from the... (read full text)

Communal and Anti-Dalit Atrocity by the RSS-BJP in Jharkhand

On 8 September around 11 am Munna Das was travelling by motorcycle through Gumhariyatand, Tisri in the Jamua district of Jharkhand. A mob of people on motorcycles came from behind... (read full text)

AICCTU Protests 100 Days of Modi Government

Factory workers, street vendors, DTC workers, construction workers, domestic workers, health and sanitation workers were among those who, under the banner of the AICCTU, held a powerful Dharna at Jantar... (read full text)

Creatively Apply the Lessons of the First International In Commemoration of 150th Anniversary of Foundation

The International Working Men’s Association (IWA) — the First International, as it has gone down in history – was a major milestone on the broad road of the world proletariat’s... (read full text)

Tribute to Balraj Puri

In the sad demise of Shri Balraj Puri at Jammu India has lost a great champion of human rights and a political analyst of high repute. He was 86. He... (read full text)

A voice of dissent falls silent

(Excerpt from the tribute to documentary filmmaker Shubhradeep by Anand Patwardhan, TOI Sep 7, 2014) “En Dino Muzaffarnagar by Shubradeep Chakravorty and Meera Chaudhary is going to be recorded in... (read full text)

Kandhamal Awaits Justice

(On 25 August this year, Kandhamal Solidarity Day was observed in Bhubaneshwar and many other places across the country. CPI(ML) PB Member Kavita Krishnan participated in the events at Bhubaneshwar... (read full text)

Assam-Nagaland Border Conflict

Report by Women’s Fact-Finding Team On 29th and 30th August, 2014, a women team comprising of Win G, Assam unit and AIPWA, TISS, PAJHRA and others visited affected areas of... (read full text)

Hong Kong Students Strike To Protest Curb in Voting Rights

Thousands of Hong Kong college and university students boycotted classes Monday to protest Beijing’s decision to restrict voting reforms, the start of a weeklong strike that marks the latest phase... (read full text)

Modi’s Independence Day Speech Decoding the Reality Behind the Hype and Rhetoric

It is time to parse Modi’s Independence Day speech carefully, behind the hype and rhetoric, for signals of what India can actually expect in terms of policies from his Government... (read full text)

Communal Violence As BJP Game Plan

(‘Communal riot’ – the phrase suggests a spontaneous clash. But what is unfolding in Uttar Pradesh and various other states is the systematic political attempt by the BJP and Sangh... (read full text)

Rape and Rakhi: Patriarchal-Communal Narratives

(This article first appeared on Kafila, August 11, 2014) Even as the communal cauldron in UP is kept on the boil, there is news that the RSS has launched a... (read full text)

Communal Politics – Recognize and Resist the Pattern

(How is the communal seed sown? How can we prevent it from taking root? To understand this, let us look at the ‘templates’ of recent instances of communal violence in... (read full text)

Women’s ‘Empowerment’?

The Modi Government has pointedly ignored most of the major demands of the women’s movement. As was pointed out in the Budget feature of the August issue of Liberation, the... (read full text)

Don’t Use Women’s Safety as a Trojan Horse to Roll Back Rights of Children

Where the question of women’s rights is concerned, ‘common sense’ often tends to be wrong. What we need to cultivate is uncommon good sense. Nowhere is this more true than... (read full text)

Women Can Work Night Shifts

But When Will The Govt Ensure Women’s Equality and Safety in Factories? Modern industry. MNC. Worker in Nokia. Prestigious.. Valued highly in matrimonial market Ambika, 22, one such Nokia worker... (read full text)

Red Salute, Nabarun Da!

This house of words I have built will break down weeping after I die Nothing so astounding about that I’ll be wiped away from the mirror in the home The... (read full text)