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Birth Centenary of Late CPI GS Chandra Rajeswara Rao

On 11th August, leaders of left parties addressed a mass gathering in Hyderabad to mark the birth anniversary of the Communist leader, late Comrade Chandra Rajeswara Rao (popularly called CR)... (read full text)

Gana Mancha Convention in Kolkata

Five left political organisations – CPI-ML(Liberation), Left Collective, Samajik Nyay Vichar Mancha, Mazdoor Kranti Parishad and Radical Socialist – came together in West Bengal to form a united platform for... (read full text)

Gana Mancha Enquires Into Rape-Murder of CPI(M) Supporter

A seven-member delegation team from Ganamancha, comprising of representatives from all the constituents of Ganamancha – Amalendu Chowdhury, Chandrasmita Chowdhury and Archana Ghatak of CPI(ML) Liberation, Prasenjit Bose, Subhanil Chowdhury... (read full text)

Peasants Asks GM Crops, Land Grab to Quit India

On 9th August, Quit India Day, peasants all over the country, on the call of the All India Kisan Mahasabha, protested against the Government’s move to approve GM seeds and... (read full text)

Women’s Tribunal In Lucknow Puts State and Central Government in the Dock

The AIPWA held a Women’s Tribunal in Lucknow, attended by around 700 women from various districts across the state. The tribunal put the State and Central Governments in the dock... (read full text)

Tea garden workers rally for rights

Thousands of workers from tea gardens affiliated to 22 labour unions of north Bengal organised a rally at Siliguri in Darjeeling on Wednesday demanding a minimum wage structure for workers... (read full text)

Like Michael Brown in Ferguson, to be poor and black renders you collateral

America claims to see racism differently. But it does not, apparently, see black people differently (Gary Younge, The Guardian, 15 August 2014, on the shooting dead of an unarmed black... (read full text)

The Militarization of Racism and Neoliberal Violenc

(Small excerpt from Op-Ed by Henry A. Giroux on the Ferguson racist killing and repression of protesters by police, Truthout, 18 August 2014) Under the regime of neoliberalism, the circle... (read full text)

Palestinian statement on murder of Mike Brown and solidarity with Ferguson

(Even as it comes to light that the weapons deployed by the US cops against black anti-racist protesters in the streets of Ferguson, Palestinians have come out with a statement... (read full text)

Marikana, Gaza, Ferguson: ‘You should think of them always as armed’

(Excerpts from an article by Richard Pithouse that looks at the Ferguson racial murder and repression by the US police, from a historical perspective. The insights in this article could... (read full text)

US Intervention Is Not Humanitarian and Will Not Protect the People of Iraq

MRZine, 08.08.14 Here we go again, the US is using a humanitarian catastrophe to implement imperialist objectives and pour petrol on fire. It is sickening to see Obama and the... (read full text)


Comrade Tripti Trivedi Comrade Tripti Trivedi, health workers’ national leader and senior CPI(ML) leader, passed away on 25 July 2014 after a battle with cancer. He was born in Murshidabad... (read full text)

ABVP Prevents Sheetal Sathe From Speaking

Sheetal Sathe, Dalit singer and activist of the Kabir Kala Manch, had been invited to speak at the Malhar Festival in St. Xaviers’ College Mumbai on the eve of Independence... (read full text)

Re-Imagining India

(This article was carried in Hindi translation by Outlook Hindi in the Independence Day Special issue.) We revolutionaries, who seek to transform society, spend a lot of time re-imagining the... (read full text)

CC Call for 28 July 2014: Expand and Strengthen the Party for Effective Resistance against the Modi Regime’s Corporate-Communal Offensive

July 28, 2014 marks the 42nd anniversary of the martyrdom of our founder leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar. It also marks the 40th anniversary of the reorganisation of the Party in... (read full text)

BRICS Summit Potential and Inherent Limitations

The sixth BRICS summit was held at Fortaleza, Brazil on 15 July 2014 in the immediate aftermath of the World Cup football tournament, also hosted by Brazil. The Fortaleza summit... (read full text)

Modi Government’s Union Budget Intensifying Attacks on People

Rail Budget Bullet Train Vs People’s Concerns The Modi Government’s first Rail Budget is a step in the direction of handing over the precious national asset of Indian Railways over... (read full text)

Modi Sarkar: Rolling Back Hard-Won Rights, Intensifying Ongoing Assaults

Even as the Parliament session begins and the Budget is soon to be presented, it is clear that the Modi government is intensifying various offensives that the UPA Government had... (read full text)

PPP – Promoting Private Profits?

Just after the first railway budget of the Modi Government, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav, in his inimitable style, commented on the budget, “just singing PPPPPPPPP, railway projects will not come... (read full text)