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Centre of Steel Workers Protests against Illegal Retrenchment of Contractual Workers

Centre of Steel Workers organized a one day dharna at the main gate of the Bhilai Steel Plant on 19 June 2014 to protest against the illegal retrenchment of 18... (read full text)

Jute Workers’ Plight – And Resistance

The jute industry is in the news nationally – with sensational headlines about a CEO being killed. Unfortunately, the lives of the jute workers and other workers get scant attention... (read full text)

Lockout at Stump, Schuele, and Somappa A Citizens’ Fact-finding Report

Stumpp, Schuele and Somappa Springs Private Limited (SSSPL), a leading manufacturer of springs for cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles, declared a lockout at its Hosur Road factory for its contract... (read full text)

David Harvey Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism

(Hachette India; 337 pages; Rs 699) A General Reader’s Digest/ Annotated Excerpts After Thomas Piketty, it is the turn of David Harvey, currently a professor of anthropology and geography at... (read full text)

Minimum Wage Struggle in Seattle: Victory of the Working Class

On June 2nd Seattle, a city in United States, struck a blow against rising inequality, when its city council unanimously adopted a city wide minimum wage of $15 per hour... (read full text)

FIFA in Brazil: Ugly Exploitation Undermines Beautiful Football

“The history of football is a sad voyage from beauty to duty” Uruguayan writer and football chronicler Eduardo Galeano’s famous lines were reflected in the turbulent protests and popular discontent... (read full text)

Socialist Alliance Conference in Australia

CPI(ML) Politburo member and AIPWA Secretary Kavita Krishnan was the keynote speaker at the People’s Power in the “Asian Century” seminar in Sydney, Australia on June 7. The seminar was... (read full text)

Destroying Iraq

What is happening in Iraq is a de-facto re-invasion of Iraq by Western interests, but this time it is through a proxy force in extremist outfit ISIS (Islamic State of... (read full text)

Communal Violence Against Muslims in Sri Lanka

After Tamils, it is now Muslims at the receiving end of majoritarian violence in Rajapksa-ruled Sri Lanka. A fresh bout of majoritarian violence was unleashed by Buddhist communal organisation Bodu... (read full text)

Resolution on Unity in Action in Defence of Democracy, Pluralism and People’s Livelihood and Rights

(adopted by the CPI(ML) Central Committee in its meeting held in Delhi on 25-27 May 2014) The sweeping victory of the BJP and NDA in the recently concluded Lok Sabha... (read full text)

June 2014

... (read full text)

Modi’s Landslide Victory: Implications and Challenges

The landslide victory that Narendra Modi has eventually notched up in the 16th Lok Sabha elections has stunned one and all. That the BJP under Modi was placed in the... (read full text)

Verdict 2014: Challenges Ahead for Defenders of Democracy

Verdict 2014 will surely go down as one of the most stunning outcomes in the history of Indian elections. India has just voted in its most rabidly rightwing government till... (read full text)

Money Power and Media Bias

(The 2014 elections witnessed a new high in the explosion of money power. And the media’s role in shaping/distorting political opinion was never more apparent. The paid news phenomenon acquired... (read full text)

The Other Verdict of 16 May 2014

In an ironic coincidence on 16 May 2014, alongside the electoral verdict, the Supreme Court too delivered its verdict on Akshardham Temple Terror Attack case (of Gujarat, September 2002), acquitting... (read full text)

Communal Poll Rhetoric Takes Deadly Toll in Assam

Venomous communal election rhetoric, adding fuel to long-simmering ethnic and communal fires, took a terrible toll in Assam. Over 30 people, most of them Muslim women and children, were massacred... (read full text)

Eclipse at Noon: Shadows over India’s Conscience

(Excerpts from 15th D P Kohli Memorial Lecture by Gopalkrishna Gandhi, hosted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Full speech available at http://cbi.nic.in/speech/15dpk_20140415_chiefguest.pdf) ‘It was the best of times’... (read full text)

Anatomy of a Rape and Its Aftermath – A Report from Kolkata

On 28th April night a seventeen-year old college first-year, an AISA activist, was raped in a lane branching off Bidhan Sarani, one of Kolkata’s busiest streets. She had picked up... (read full text)

Protests Follow Suicide of Woman Worker at Factory Gate

(with inputs from a news story titled ‘Activists demand justice for woman who killed self’ by Anumeha Yadav in The Hindu, May 15, 2014) Rakhi Sonkar, a single mother of... (read full text)

May Day in Bangalore

AICCTU organized a colourful and impressive rally on May Day at Bangalore. More than 3000 workers joined the rally making it the biggest in the city on this May Day... (read full text)