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The Change That Never Happened

The TMC regime came to power in West Bengal with a promise of ‘Poriborton’ (change) from the policies of state repression and eviction of the poor pursued by the erstwhile... (read full text)

Changing face of Paribartan

“There is no place for poor people in Didi’s London” – Purna Das, victim and protester of KMDA’s eviction drive in Nonadanga. After 10 months of ‘paribartan’ (meaning change in... (read full text)

Reading Marx’s Brumaire in Mamata’s Bengal

Exactly as we had forewarned before the 2011 assembly elections, the new government in West Bengal has started baring its fangs. In sync with a series of backtrackings and betrayals... (read full text)

UPDATE : Jharkhand/Bihar/Tamil Nadu — State Conference

The fourth Jharkhand State Conference of CPI(ML) was held at Koderma on 23-25 March. The town had been rechristened Comrade Mahendra Singh Nagar, and the Conference venue was named after... (read full text)

Updates : Message from the CPI(ML) to the 21st Congress of the CPI

Dear comrades, It is a great pleasure to see the oldest communist party of the country hold its 21st Congress here in Patna and I feel honoured to have this... (read full text)

Update : Abductions and Political Degeneration among Maoists in Odisha

(The abduction episode in Odisha is still unfolding as we go to press; BJD MLA Jina Hikaka is yet to be released, while the two Italian tourist hostages have been... (read full text)

Update : Violence on Dalits in Dadri

Dalits in Chamravli Ramgarh village of Dadri (Distt. Gautambuddh Nagar) in UP, not far from the national capital, were brutally assaulted by the dominant sections, in order to punish them... (read full text)

Update : Against Life Sentence for Rupam Pathak

The All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) held protests all over the country against the life sentence to Rupam Pathak of Bihar for the culpable homicide of BJP’s Purnea MLA... (read full text)

Update : Protest Sit-In Demands Justice for Chandrashekhar

Marking the 15th Anniversary of the killing of former JNUSU President Comrade Chandrashekhar, hundreds of students from JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia and Delhi University, along with teachers, workers, intellectuals, writers... (read full text)

Campaign in Jharkhand Against Corruption in the RS Polls

On 16th April, the CPI(ML) in Ranchi flagged off a state-wide campaign (16 April-3 May) calling for popular vigilance to monitor the rampant corruption and horse-trading in the Rajya Sabha... (read full text)

The Call of April 22, 2012: Intensify the Battle against Corruption and Corporate Offensive! Launch all-out Preparations for the Party’s 9thCongress!

Recent times have seen a great worldwide upswing in popular struggles and India is surely no exception. The country continues to pulsate with powerful struggles against mega corruption, land acquisition... (read full text)

On Cover : This Battle Must be Won — VINOD MISHRA

(Excerpts from a write-up in Liberation January 1998) The history of Bihar, for more than two decades, is replete with massacres. Massacres of rural poor of dalit castes by various... (read full text)

April 2012

... (read full text)

Budget Session 2012 and Beyond

The annual budget session this year began somewhat belatedly in March against a challenging political backdrop for the Congress and the ruling UPA coalition at the centre. It was quite... (read full text)

Comrade Bhaiyyaram Yadav’s Murder:

Much media hype has been manufactured about Bihar’s Nitish Government’s model of ‘good governance’ (sushasan) and development, which have supposedly made the notorious criminality and feudal violence things of the... (read full text)

The Message of the Assembly Elections Mandate

The Assembly elections to the five states of Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Goa were projected to be the biggest electoral test in the run-up to the 2014 Lok... (read full text)

The Real Foreign Hand in India

Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa has abaondoned all pretence of sympathy for the Koodankulam protest, and her cabinet has declared its intention to commission the plant. Massive repression has been unleashed, and... (read full text)

Why the NCTC Threatens Democracy

The National Counter-terrorism Centre (NCTC), announced by the Home Ministry, has run into trouble due to opposition from various State Governments – those ruled by opposition parties as well as... (read full text)

Taxing the Toiling People, Rewarding the Rich

Close on the heels of the massive freight hike before and fare hike in the Railway budget and reduction of interest rate on PF by 1.25 per cent affecting more... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : The Mandate from JNU Students: AISA, March on!

After a gap of four years, Jawaharlal Nehru University students voted on March 1 to elect their union, and the verdict could not have been more emphatic in favour of... (read full text)