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Updates : In Solidarity With Irom

In solidarity with Irom Sharmila, and against the draconian AFSPA, AIPWA held campaigns and protest initiatives in many states. On 3 November, an impressive day-long protest dharna was held at... (read full text)

Update : Convention at Trivandrum Demanding Moratorium on Death Penalty

A one-day convention was organized by a group of human rights activists at Trivandrum on 28th November 2011 to demand moratorium on judicial executions. It was an unequivocal condemnation by... (read full text)

Seminar at Trivandrum on

“Lessons of October Revolution to the Indian Working Class” Purogamana Charcha Vedi (Progressive Debating Forum), a small platform of activists committed to debating the issues of class struggle and taking... (read full text)

Rape of Tribal Women in TN: Fact-finding Report

On 22nd November, TN police unleashed brutality in T. Mandam hamlet of Vizhupuram district. Four women from the Irula tribal community were raped by the Tirukovilur police in the early... (read full text)

And Now, Moscow Warms Up For Democracy

In a matter of months since spring this year, the movement for democracy, transparency, probity in public life and other country-specific issues has crossed continents and acquired a global sweep... (read full text)

On 2nd Cover : Kisan Sansad at Parliament Street Against LARR Bill

Hundreds of famers from all over the country gathered at Parliament Street on November 30 to hold a ‘Farmers’ Parliament’ (Kisan Sansad) on policy issues affecting farmers, including the Land... (read full text)

On 3rd Cover : Formula of Destruction

If they don’t have bread, why don’t they eat cake? The French queen Marie Antoinette’s infamous words might have been recalled by NOIDA’s working class, as they witnessed the Formula... (read full text)

Update : Revolutionary People’s Poet : Durgendra Akari Passes Away

On November 5th, a condolence meeting was held at the CPI(ML) office at Ara at 2 pm for revolutionary people’s poet Durgendra Akari, who passed away the same morning at... (read full text)

Unfolding Colours Of TMC Rule In Bengal

As Mamata Banerjee completes her first six months in office, the people of West Bengal now have a fairly good idea of the shape of things to come. In a... (read full text)

Koodankulam Resistance And Kalam’s Propaganda

The Koodankulam struggle, which has gained tremendous momentum and support in the past few months, reflects the new awareness and questioning among people – in India and globally – regarding... (read full text)

History, Politics and Hindutva

What role does our present play in shaping our understanding of past? How is history writing affected by contemporary politics? Why should anyone but a history student bother with these... (read full text)

Uttarakhand: 11 Years of Statehood

On November 9, 2000, when the state of Uttarakhand was formed, common people aspired that now, at last, development policies would be tailored to their needs. The plunder of jal-jangal-zameen... (read full text)

What Future for Nuclear Power in India?

For very many years I have been a supporter of nuclear power plants, on the premise “Bomb No, but Power Yes”. When I got involved with the Climate Change issue... (read full text)

8th National Conference of AICCTU Held At Bhilai

The 8th National Conference of AICCTU was held at Bhilai from 11-13 November, 2011. Bhilai, rechristened Shankar Guha Niyogi Nagar on the occasion of the Conference, wore a festive look... (read full text)

Strike the Iron — While It Is Red Hot

(excerpts from Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya’s speech at the inaugural session of the AICCTU’s 8th National Conference) Strike the iron while it is hot. Workers all over the world have always... (read full text)

Face the Challenges, Grasp the Opportunities

(Text of AICCTU President S Kumarasamy’s Address in the Inaugural Session) Comrades, As we assemble here on 11.11.11, finance capital and corporate greed are put in the dock by the... (read full text)

Comrade Osiris Oviedo de la Torre

(Secretariat member of World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and WFTU Permanent Representative in Geneva, who hails from Cuba.) It is 58 years since the Cuban revolution. We’d like to... (read full text)

Occupy Wall Street: “You Can’t Evict An Idea Whose Time Has Come”

The encampments of the “99%” at New York and numerous other locations savagely demolished, the confrontation between the progressive power of people on the move and the reactionary sway of... (read full text)

For An End to Privatised Education

Since May this year, Chile has been witnessing a remarkable and highly successful student movement, targeting the privatised system of schooling and university education that has prevailed since the US-backed... (read full text)