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Delhi Declaration : All India Left Coordination

(Adopted at All-India Left Convention sponsored by CPI(ML)(Liberation), CPM Punjab, Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) Maharashtra, and Left Coordination Committee, Kerala, and held at Constitution Club, New Delhi on 11 August... (read full text)

Kashmir: Anatomy of Resistance

[Kashmir is in tumult again. The simmering embers of people’s anger at the decades of betrayal of promises and mockery of democracy by New Delhi needed only the spark of... (read full text)

The Present Situation and The Growing Relevance of Charu Mazumdar

Utilising the grotesque activities of Maoists for political attacks on Charu Mazumdar (CM) has become a commonplace in the dominant media, much like blaming Marxism-Leninism for the distortions and eventual... (read full text)

Updates : ‘Naxal’ Witch-Hunt

Mirzapur Police Targets CPI(ML) CC Meeting The CPI(ML) Central Committee held its last meeting at Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, on 1-3 August 2010. Following the meeting, the Mirzapur police has made... (read full text)

Update : Orissa CPI(ML) Leader Arrested in Land Struggle

Comrade Tirupati Gamango, State Committee member of CPI(ML), was arrested by the Rayagada police when 500 CPI(ML) Liberation activists occupied 24 acres of ceiling surplus land at Banduguda panchayat of... (read full text)

Update : Police Firing on Farmers in Western UP

A Fact-finding report (On 14 August, ironically the eve of Independence Day, farmers protesting against corporate land grab were fired upon in Western Uttar Pradesh. A team of the All... (read full text)

Celebrating AISA’s 20 Year Legacy of Struggle

On 9th August, 1990, in the Union Hall of Allahabad University, the All India Students’ Association (AISA) was born. Confronting the twin challenge of the neoliberal assault on people’s rights... (read full text)

Update : Workers’ Convention

Onwards to 7th September All India General Strike All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) held a Workers’ Convention on 12 August 2010 in Constitution Club, New Delhi “Against... (read full text)

The Rise of the Far Right in the US

Shirley Sharrod, an African American woman, was forced to resign in July on charges of racism from her USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) job where she was the Director... (read full text)

Memorandum on Kashmir Submitted by All India Left Coordination

(The following memorandum was submitted by the leaders of the four constituents of All India Left Coordination on 12 August. Ed/.) To The Hon’ble President, Union of India Respected Madam... (read full text)

Kashmir Solidarity Letter to PM by UK- and US-based Organisations

(On 20 August, coinciding with the Kashmir Solidarity Day called all over India by the All India Left Coordination, various organisations in the UK and US submitted a letter to... (read full text)

Politics of the ‘Enemy Property’ Act

Can property inherited by Indian citizens from their ancestors or relatives who migrated to Pakistan at the time of Partition be designated as ‘Enemy Property’? The Supreme Court said in... (read full text)

Punctured by Grim Ground Realities

As we approach India’s 63rd Independence Day, we are surrounded by our ruling class’ hype about India’s impressive growth rate; its status as ‘strategic partner’ of the mighty America; its... (read full text)

Stop Killing and Insulting the Protesting People of Kashmir

Kashmir is once again exploding in anger. At least eleven civilians including a nine-year-old young boy was killed by paramilitary forces in the month of June. As we go to... (read full text)

Massive Treasury Fraud Rocks Bihar

In parliamentary parlance, MLAs or MPs belonging to the government side are often described as comprising the ‘treasury benches’. The treasury is obviously quite central to the notion of any... (read full text)

Hail the Peasants’ Resistance and Victory !

Once again, we have been witness to an unequal battle – thousands of women and men, defending their land and livelihood against corporate land grab armed with nothing but sticks... (read full text)

CPI(ML) Team Visits Sompeta

[A fact-finding team of the CPI(ML) comprising CC Members Comrades Kshitish Biswal, B. Bangar Rao, and M. Malleswar Rao, as well as AP State Committee member Murali Rao, Sanyasi Rao... (read full text)

Lokayukta, Mining Mafia and Industrialisation

More than the resignation of Santosh Hegde Lokayukta of Karnataka, the developments subsequent to it have caused many skeletons to tumble out of the state’s political cupboard. The whole episode... (read full text)

Oil Prices: Deregulating – In Whose Interests?

On 25 June, in yet another cruel blow to the common man reeling under surging food prices and unabated inflation for more than two years now, the UPA Government declared... (read full text)