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Updates : Protest at Parliament Street on CWG

On September 15, Delhi’s construction workers, street vendors, slum-dwellers, rickshaw pullers and various sections of Delhi’s struggling poor and working class as well as students held a massive protest under... (read full text)

Update : AISA Torchlight Procession in Batla House

On 19 September this year, to mark the second anniversary of the killing of two youths at Batla House in an ‘encounter,’ AISA held a massive procession at Batla House... (read full text)

Update : Anti-Repression Day in UP

Against the barbaric lathi-charge of 14 September on para-teachers in Lucknow, CPI(ML) organised statewide protests on 18th September to observe anti-repression day in Uttar Pradesh. On this occasion a dharna... (read full text)

Update : Cholera Epidemic in Odisha

A CPI(ML) Fact-finding team comprising Odisha State Secretary and CCM Khitish Biswal, CCM Maleshwar Rao, Odisha SCMs Comrades Bidyadhar Patra, Madhav Rao, Brundaban Bidika as well as Comrades Pralaya Behera... (read full text)

Report on the Exodus of Madigas from Budihalli

(In March 2010, Liberation had carried a fact-finding report on atrocities against Dalits in Budihalli, Karnataka. Months later, another team of women activists of PUCL-Karnataka, HRFDL, AIPWA, Samata and Stree... (read full text)

Peepli Incorporated

While Peepli (Live) is a story set in Madhya Pradesh, 500-odd real Peepli villages exist. Anoushka Rizvi’s Peepli Live, the satirical film ostensibly on farmer’s suicide is remarkable, predictable and... (read full text)

Mosque at Ground Zero: Islamophobia in the US

In Gainesville, Florida, Terry Jones, a pastor of a small insignificant church with hardly any following called for the “International Burn a Quran Day” on September 11th to mark 9/11... (read full text)

SA Workers’ Strike

‘Sound the Vuvus for Living Wage and Respectful Life’ (Dhiraj Nite, researcher at the University of Johannesburg, reports from South Africa on the 19-day long strike of teaching and health... (read full text)


Comrade Budhram Paswan Comrade Budhram Paswan, an activist of Jagdishpur, Bhojpur passed away on 16 August of cancer. He was 56. His three sons, daughter and wife too are associated... (read full text)

Support the CPI(ML) Election Campaign in Bihar

Stand by the Fighting People of Bihar in their Battle for Real Change and Rights Five years ago, the NDA-BJP alliance headed by Nitish Kumar rode the wave of resentment... (read full text)

Second Exile

(The Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court is scheduled to announce its verdict on the Ayodhya title suit on 24 September, 2010. In anticipation of the verdict going against... (read full text)

Telling Images of a Shocking Reality

Thanks to climate change, monsoon in India has of late become increasingly erratic. In some parts, it reaches late, in many areas it never shows up. Delhi has its wettest... (read full text)

Signals from Vijayawada and Lalgarh – and Challenges before Revolutionary Communists

Contrary to media speculations predicting a veritable showdown between the so-called Bengal line and central line in the CPI(M), the Vijayawada ‘mini-Congress’ of the CPI(M) ahead of the crucial West... (read full text)

‘Corruption Wealth Games’ Scoreboard: Still Counting…

The Games are proving to be just as spectacular and grand as promised, with all spectators overwhelmed and breathless at the sheer scale and scope of corruption. Referee’s Whistle Silenced... (read full text)

Worst Form of Feudal Patriarchal Reaction

A recent study by two Chandigarh-based lawyers Anil Malhotra and Ranjit Malhotra has estimated that more than 1000 ‘honour’ killings take place every year in India. According to this study... (read full text)

The Lalu-Nitish Continuum

Five years ago, in November 2005 Nitish Kumar had won an unexpectedly huge mandate. It is widely believed that three factors militated in favour of Nitish Kumar to give him... (read full text)

Labour, Labour Everywhere, But Not A Job To Find

(From Countercurrents.org, 19 August, 2010 – Ed/.) “Three out of every ten of the world’s new workers will be Indian, employing them won’t be easy”– The Economist ILO has estimated... (read full text)

Towards Realignment of Left Forces and Radicalisation of the Left Movement

Four fighting organizations of the Left – CPI(ML)(Liberation), CPM(Punjab), Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) of Maharashtra and Left Coordination Committee (Kerala) – formed an All-India Left Coordination through a joint Convention... (read full text)

All India Left Convention Held at New Delhi

A day-long All India Left Convention was held on 11 August 2010 at Speaker’s Hall, Constitution Club, New Delhi, jointly sponsored by CPI(ML)(Liberation), CPM(Punjab), Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) of Maharashtra... (read full text)