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New Road to New Bihar

Bihar Assembly Elections 2010 As we go to press, comrades in Bihar are right in the midst of a most vigorous election campaign in the 104 constituencies we are contesting... (read full text)

CPI(ML)’s Charter for the People of Bihar

Fight against Corruption: Corruption has become a major drag on development and it marks a serious denial of dignity and democracy for the poor. The CPI(ML) is therefore determined to... (read full text)

Updates : 12th Smriti Diwas of Comrade Nagbhusan Pattanaik Commemorated

The 12th death anniversary of comrade Nagbhusan was observed at Nagbhusan Bhavan, Bhubaneswar, on 9th October on behalf of Nagbhusan Bhavan Smriti Committee. In the morning the statue of comrade... (read full text)

Update : Worker-Peasant Sankalp Sabha on Com. Basru’s Memorial Day

Workers, peasants and common people assembled in large numbers at Jamua in Giridih on 29th September on the occasion of the first Memorial Day of Comrade Ibnul Hasan Basru and... (read full text)

Update : Kisan leader Murdered in Mansa

On 11th October a kisan leader of Mansa, Punjab, was murdered and two other were injured when an armed gang led by a money lender and revenue officer opened fire... (read full text)

All India Left Coordination Holds Conventions at Kolkata and Ranchi

The All India Left Coordination, launched at New Delhi in August this year, held a Convention at Kolkata on 5 October at the Moulali Yuba Kendra on the theme “Decline... (read full text)

Pricol Workers’ Family Festival

10.10.10 was a day of celebration for Pricol Workers. They celebrated their three years of consistent struggle for democratic rights and dignity. They had taken part in festivals organized by... (read full text)

Organise Country-wide Protests during Barack Obama’s India Visit

US President Barack Obama’s forthcoming visit to India this November will inaugurate a new chapter in the ‘strategic partnership’ between US imperialism and India’s ruling class. As people of India... (read full text)

The Human Cost of Wealth Explosion

“In proportion as the labour develops, and thereby becomes the source of wealth, poverty and demoralisation among the labourers and wealth and culture among the non-labourers develop. This is the... (read full text)

More Hype, Less Hope

Since June, the Kashmiri people have shown remarkable courage and endurance in the face of brutal repression, meeting each firing on mass protestors with fresh and unabated protests. After months... (read full text)

Stop All Destructive Projects Now

The cancellation of the Vedanta group’s ‘mining rights’ in the Niyamgiri hills of Odisha’s Kalahandi district surely marks a huge victory for the growing people’s movement against corporate invasion and... (read full text)

Empty Stomachs, Full Godowns

Recent Supreme Court orders asking the government to take urgent steps to stop foodgrains from rotting away in godowns by arranging, if necessary, free distribution of grains among the hungry... (read full text)

Corporate Manoeuvres and New Government in Jharkhand

The political scene in Jharkhand has witnessed some paradoxical trends this month. Thousands of working people marched in streets throughout the state to make Jharkhand Bandh, called by CPI(ML) in... (read full text)

Bihar Elections: Time for Reality Check

(In this issue, we carry a curtain-raiser for the key issues in the upcoming Bihar Assembly elections, and a response to the recent much-hyped visit by Rahul Gandhi to Bihar... (read full text)

Posers for the Congress ‘Crown Prince’

On the eve of the announcement of the Assembly election schedule for Bihar, the Congress ‘crown prince’ Rahul Gandhi addressed a couple of heavily publicised meetings at Saharsa and Samastipur... (read full text)

“Teach a Lesson to the Government of Loot and Lies” –

CPI(ML) Perspective in Bihar Polls (The Hindi monthly Public Agenda interviewed CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya on 13 September about CPI(ML)’s role and perspective in the upcoming Bihar polls. The... (read full text)

Workers’ No-Confidence Motion Against UPA Govt.

The all India General Strike of September 7 called by the central Trade Unions met with an overwhelming response from the working class and the masses at large. Even sections... (read full text)

Nokia Workers put DMK Government in the Dock

Karunanidhi government boasts of bringing in Nokia to Tamil Nadu, pushing back states like Haryana and Maharashtra by offering attractive packages. Nokia was the third company in mobile phones production... (read full text)

Peasant Suicides in W Bengal

(A CPI(ML) team comprising Polit Bureau member Comrade Kartick Pal, Burdwan district committee member comrade Paresh Banerjee, AIALA West Bengal President Sajal Pal, and West Bengal Kisan Sabha President Annada... (read full text)