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Corporate Genocide, Judicial Treachery, Appeasement of Imperialism

More than 25 years after the infamous Bhopal Gas Disaster, the verdict of a trial court in Bhopal is nothing but a cruel mockery of justice. With charges already diluted... (read full text)

Bhopal: When Corporations Subvert Democracy

The June 7 verdict by the Bhopal court sets a precedent for the worst of corporate crimes and even nuclear disasters too to be treated like a traffic accident. Bhopal’s... (read full text)

The Rhetoric of Rectification and Beyond

The repeated electoral debacles suffered by the CPI(M) in the recent past have triggered a veritable churning in CPI(M) circles. The CPI(M) has never recognized any theoretical debate or practical... (read full text)

Air Corporation Employees’ Strike:

Air Corporation employees’ flash strike from 25th May starkly exposed the murky state of affairs in the aviation industry. Against the backdrop of the May 22 Mangalore air crash, the... (read full text)

Spontaneous Outburst of Rail Workers at Jamalpur Workshop in Bihar

The Jamalpur Railway workshop in Bihar (Eastern Railway) witnessed an unprecedented outburst of railway workers on 4 June 2010. Never in its history of 148 years, had the workshop experienced... (read full text)

Undeclared Emergency in University Campuses

Brazen violation of democratic rights and freedom of expression appears to be seamlessly institutionalized as a norm in university campuses across the country. As the UPA govt bulldozes its commercialization... (read full text)

Punjab: Popular Struggles and Left Assertion

Punjab is going through a lot of turmoil. The state which is known as the granary of India is now in the grip of an acute agrarian crisis. Reeling under spiralling... (read full text)

Uttar Pradesh: Mounting State Repression in Maya Raj

ON 13 May, Mayawati completed 3 years in office. In these three years, the BSP has systematised an extremely repressive regime in the state with steady erosion of all democratic rights... (read full text)

RSS Goons Attack CPI(ML) Leader in Kalahandi : Police Station Gheraoed in Protest

IN protest against the brutal attack by RSS, BJP and BJD goons on Orissa state committee member Com Nilanjan Bhattacharya and demolition of tribal and dalit Christian houses in Ulladani... (read full text)

Delhi : AICCTU Leads Determined Struggle in Wazirpur Ind. Area

A workers’ struggle has been on for past several months in the Wazirpur industrial area in Delhi. The workers of W.C. Steel factory have been fighting a protracted struggle for... (read full text)

Updates : Conference of Rickshaw Pullers

THE Delhi State Committee of CPI(ML) successfully organised the 1st Conference of cycle-rickshaw pullers at Sector 25 in Noida on 23 May. Two hundred rickshaw pullers participated in the Conference... (read full text)

Update : Bihar : Rural Poor Resist Pro-BJP Feudal Conspiracy to Stop Construction of Rural Road in Patna

LIKE the Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), Bihar Chief Minister too has a scheme of construction of rural roads in the name of “Mukhyamantri Gram Sadak Yojana” (Chief Minister... (read full text)

Update : RYA Indicts Nitish Kumar for Betraying Bihar’s Youth

THOUSANDS of activists and members of Revolutionary Youth Association took out a protest march in Patna on 10 June indicting Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his act of betrayal against... (read full text)

Update : Karnataka : AICCTU Spearheads Struggle of Rice Mill Workers in Gangavati

RICE mill workers in Gangavati are on the path of struggles against illegal closures and denial of ESI and PF benefits. There is no semblance of implementation of any labour... (read full text)

Update : AISA Victory in Struggle Against Donations at Harapanhalli Colleges

AISA organized a rally and demonstration on 1 June against collection of exorbitant fees and donations for admissions in colleges in Harapanhalli taluk. Subsequent to the rally, the taluk administration... (read full text)

Update : Puducherry : Movement for the Roofless

Shri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry is getting ready to celebrate the centenary of Shri Aurobindo’s arrival in the Union Territory. Shri Aurobindo, a great freedom fighter and poet and philosopher... (read full text)

Martyrs’ Column Unveiled

35th Anniversary of Historic Ghorhuan Martyrdom Day! ON 3rd June 1975, weeks before the infamous Emergency, fifteen brave fighters of the people including Comrades Virad Manjhi, Gyaneshwar Yadav and Rambabu... (read full text)

End the Siege of Gaza!

ISRAEL’S blatant act of piracy when its navy viciously attacked and captured the Free Gaza flotilla on May 31 in international waters, killing 9 unarmed activists and injuring dozens more... (read full text)

Glimpses of Unfolding Turbulence in Greece

“The collapse of the financial system is real, and the crisis is far from over”, George Soros said at a conference in Vienna on June 10. “We have just... (read full text)

Resurgent Workers’ Movement in China

WANT to have a glimpse of the core of the “Made in China” electronics export hub? Welcome to the Longhua complex of Foxconn, the renowned manufacturers of components for renowned... (read full text)