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UPDATE : Jan Adhikar Yatra in Jharkhand

Against Anti-People Policies of the State and Central Governments Sky-rocketing prices of onions and dal, back-breaking cost of living, the drought-famine crisis—and the people are supposed to be enjoying the... (read full text)

Modi’s US Visit – And Unanswered Questions About ‘Digital India’ and Democratic India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has used his visit to the USA and especially Silicon Valley to sell India as an investment destination for digital services, in particular the Government’s ‘Digital... (read full text)

Book Review : Gita Press and the Making of Hindu India

(A review of Akshay Mukul’s book) The RSS and its affiliates are desperate even today to lay claim over the heritage of Indian freedom struggle in which they were never... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Lynch India

The Lynch Mob Politics That Has Gripped India Ruled By Modi Behind Modi’s deceptive slogans of ‘Skill India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Clean India’, ‘Digital India’, it is the dangerous lynch... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Modi’s Excuses for Communalism Amount to Collusion in Murder

(Article by Kavita Krishnan in Scroll.in, Oct 14, 2015) It is not hard to say, “No one should be killed for what they eat, think, speak or write, what faith... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Muted “Reprimands” Punctuate Unstoppable Hate-Speech

There have been so many instances of hate-speech over Dadri, it is easy to forget. Let’s remember some of them – and put Jaitley’s and Shah’s ‘reprimands’ in perspective. “When... (read full text)

Cover Feature : Love Jehad Lie Exposed

Like ‘cow slaughter’, ‘love jehad’ is another favourite pretext of the BJP and Sangh Parivar to stoke anti-Muslim violence and hatred. The Muzaffarnagar violence too was stoked on that same... (read full text)

Cover Feature : India’s Writers and Artists Speak Truth To Power

“they won’t say: the times were dark Rather: why were their poets silent?” Bertolt Brecht, In Dark Times Writers and artists in India are making a powerful statement against the... (read full text)

Update : First Tamilnadu Conference of AIPF

The All India People’s Forum held its first Tamil Nadu State Conference at Tirunelveli on 11.10.2015. The Conference began with a Presidential address by Comrade G Ramesh. In the run... (read full text)

Special Feature : Hail the Munnar Moment of Working Class Movement in India

After peace and tranquillity apparently returned to the misty mountains of Munnar, CPI(M)’s Central Organ People’s Democracy (October 4, 2015) published a typically lifeless, stereotyped account of the pathbreaking struggle... (read full text)

Special Feature : Women Workers’ Voices From Munnar

(Comrades Ramesh and Bhuvana visited Munnar on October 15 and met the fighting tea women workers. That was the last day of the strike as the women workers have decided... (read full text)

Dalit Toddlers Burnt Alive in Haryana

Modi Minister Responds With Arrogant Anti-Dalit Slur Two-and-a-half year old Vaibhav and 11-month-old Divya, children of a Dalit couple Jitendra and Rekha, were burnt alive in Sunpedh village in Ballabhgarh... (read full text)

Obituary : Viren Dangwal

CPIML dips its flag in salute to noted Hindi poet Viren Dangwal who passed away at 4 am on 28 September 2015, finally succumbing to a long battle with cancer... (read full text)

A Government Of The RSS, By The RSS, For The RSS

The Modi Government, instead of being a ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people,’ is proving to be a ‘Government of the RSS, by the RSS and... (read full text)

Census 2011 Data and the Bogey of ‘Muslim Population Growth’

The Census 2011 data on population, just released, has been followed by inaccurate, provocative reporting in most of the news media, with headlines suggesting ‘Hindu population decreased, Muslim population increased,’... (read full text)

All India General Strike: A Brief Report

Workers across the country responded to the call of 10 central trade unions including INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, UTUC, LPF and AICCTU, as well as several national... (read full text)

Munnar Women Workers’ Uprising : Challenging Corporations and Male-Dominated Trade Union Bureaucracy

The Munnar women tea garden workers’ uprising represents a fresh wave of militant trade union struggles against exploitative corporations and managements, and poses many significant questions and challenges to the... (read full text)

Women Workers of Munnar: Starting Up, Standing Up, Shaking Up The Status Quo

It looks the tea women workers of Munnar in Idukki district of Kerala, have taken a perfect cue from Modi’s latest rhetoric, Start Up and Stand Up. They started up... (read full text)

Good Muslim/Bad Muslim: APJ Abdul Kalam/Aurangzeb?

History has its heroes and villains, and one of the arch villains of Indian history has been Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb. We all love to hate him. He is blamed for... (read full text)