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Terrorism and Imperialism

Challenges in the Wake of Recent Attacks In Ankara, 128 people were killed in an election rally on 10 October. A Russian passenger aircraft bringing home mostly Russian holidaymakers from... (read full text)

7th Central Pay Commission Report

Towards More Neo-liberal Adjustments Further Away From Parity and Democratic Functioning There was speculation that the report of the 7th Central Pay Commission was withheld from publication till the Bihar... (read full text)

Tamilnadu Rains: Jayalalitha Government In The Dock

The Tamilnadu Government’s façade of providing ‘welfare’ measures has been washed away in the torrential north east monsoon rains, leaving the Government’s callousness and apathy open for all to see... (read full text)

Modi Government Foreign Policy: Appeasement of Imperialists and Global Capital, Arrogance Towards South Asian Neighbours

The crushing defeat of the BJP in Bihar was a decisive mandate against feudal-communal arrogance and the Modi Government’s pro-corporate ‘development’ that had meant nothing but land grab and steep... (read full text)

Protests against Narendra Modi in Britain : Exploding the Myth of NRI Adulation

The #ModiNotWelcome campaign organized by the Awaaz Network, of which South Asia Solidarity Group is a constituent organisation, got going some weeks before Narendra Modi was due to arrive in... (read full text)

#ModiNotWelcome ‘Reclaiming Diwali’ from Modi and the Hindutva fascists

One major event of the #ModiNotWelcome campaign was ‘Reclaim Diwali’, described by the organisers as ‘a secular celebration of shared cultures and blurred boundaries’ which would ‘burn the demons of... (read full text)

When Mr. Modi Went to London

(17/11/2015, TheWire.in) It’s admirable that Narendra Modi puts no premium on English, speaking instead in Hindi at his press conference in London, which no Indian Prime Minister before him has... (read full text)

Notes on Bihar : Elections 2015

The elections to the Bihar Assembly attracted the attention of the entire country like never before. And now the stunning verdict is destined to haunt the Modi-Shah duo for a... (read full text)

The #OccupyUGC Movement

The University Grants Commission (UGC) in Delhi and the streets around it have become the latest battleground against the Modi Govt. Students have been ‘occupying’ the UGC premises for over... (read full text)

No Excuses For Continued Injustice

The Grand Alliance Government Must Act With the CPI(ML) victories, the people of Bihar wanted to ensure that the agenda of justice and people’s rights in Bihar got a sincere... (read full text)

A Comrade Walks First Past the Post

(Excerpts from a piece in Wire.in on 10/11/2015 by journalist Javed Iqbal) Away from the clamour of the Grand Alliance’s victory and the BJP’s defeat, a communist candidate wins in... (read full text)

Till The Cows Come Home

The Bihar election is historic, redemptive, and a defining moment in the assertion of free speech and expression – all flying in the face of a debilitating national politics of... (read full text)

CC Call for Pledge Day 2015: Seize the Moment, Expand the Party and Strengthen the Communist Movement

(Seventeen years ago, on December 18, 1998, we had lost Comrade VM right in the midst of a meeting of the Party Central Committee in Lucknow. Every year since then... (read full text)

World Congress Of Working Women

(The paper presented by Comrade Bhuvana at the WCWW will be published in Liberation in the January 2016 issue.) In its 70th anniversary year, WFTU held the World Congress of... (read full text)

Ismat Chugtai : A Voice That Sounds Fresh Even After A Hundred Years

(2015 marks the birth centenary year of Urdu writer Ismat Chugtai. Malavika Sharad reflects on what Ismat Chugtai’s legacy means to us today.) We live in times when opinion and... (read full text)

Lives Digested By Delhi’s Sewers

On Diwali day this year, 22-year-old Vinay Sirohi, a valve operator working on contract for a water treatment plant of the Delhi Jal Board, went into the sewage pipes to... (read full text)

Kudos to Bahadur Oraon for Returning Award

Bahadur Oraon, Jharkhand movement veteran, Former Jharkhand MLA from Chakradharpur, and former CPI(ML) CC member, has returned the award he had received from the Speaker on the occasion of the... (read full text)

India Must Lift the Blockade on Nepal

In a vindictive act of bullying, India is tacitly backing what amounts to an economic blockade of Nepal. India first made barely disguised attempts to meddle in Nepal’s process of... (read full text)

Serial Re-Enactment Of The Dadri Lynching By The Sangh Parivar

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, breaking his silence very late, claimed that the lynching of a Muslim man over ‘cow slaughter/beef-eating’ rumours was a mere ‘social tragedy’ with no political... (read full text)