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COVER FEATURE : Petition In SC Against NIA Soft-Pedalling of Sanghi Terror Cases

Activist Harsh Mander has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the NIA’s soft-pedalling of the terrorism cases in which activists of RSS and its sister organizations are implicated... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : Ranveer Sena Terrorists Caught on Camera by Cobrapost

Public Secrets Now Proven The ‘Operation Black Rain’ film released by the web portal Cobrapost, based on secretly filmed boasts of the Ranveer Sena terrorists with detailed accounts of massacres... (read full text)

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Adivasis’ Rights Under Attack in India August 9 marks International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. It is also Quit India Day, a landmark of India’s freedom struggle. Ironically, India’s... (read full text)

UPDATE : AIPF Mahapanchayat in Ranchi

9 August is observed as August Kranti Diwas and, since 1995, also as International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, when indigenous people all over the world celebrate their identity... (read full text)

UPDATE : Education Parliament Held in Delhi

Students and teachers gathered on 5 August 2015 in hundreds from all over the country at the Education Parliament hosted by the JNU Students’ Union, to make the parliamentarians hear... (read full text)

BOOK : A Tamil Novel Every Indian Needs to Read

The heinous Coimbatore bombings occurred on Saturday, 14 February 1998. A total of 58 people were killed and over 200 injured in the 12 bomb attacks in 11 places, all... (read full text)

Serial Killings of Bangladesh’s Secular Bloggers. Condemn Beheading of Syrian Scholar Khalid al-Asaad

Serial Killings of Bangladesh’s Secular Bloggers by Islamic Fundamentalists The latest in the long line of secular or atheist bloggers to be hacked to death for their beliefs is Niloy... (read full text)

OBITUARY : Comrade Satish Yadav’s Murder : Cowardly Conspiracy by BJP-Backed Feudal Forces

Comrade Satish Yadav, popular Party leader from Bhojpur, has been murdered. At 6 pm on 20 August while returning from a Jandawedari sabha in Badgaon (Agiao Vidhan Sabha constituency) he... (read full text)

Sexual Assault on Dalit Women At Parbatta: Organized Violence Against Inter-Caste Marriage and Rights of Dalits

The organized and open attacks on Dalits and women in Shiromani Tola of Parbatta block in Khagariya district in Bihar on 27 July 2015 have exposed how both BJP and... (read full text)

Comrade John Percy

Tireless Socialist And Friend of India’s Revolutionary Left Comrade John Percy, leading socialist organizer in Australia, passed away on August 19th, 2015 in Sydney after a severe stroke. His passing... (read full text)

CBI Parrot Sings Modi Tune

The CBI was a caged parrot in UPA rule. And in Modi rule, the parrot is not only caged when it comes to cases in which those close to the... (read full text)

Why Is the PM Silent on Scams and Murderous Cover-Ups?

Corruption is once again turning out to be a great leveller in the Indian Political League of ruling class parties. Only a year ago Narendra Modi had stormed his way... (read full text)

Fresh Data on Inequality and Deprivation in India

The Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC) survey, carried out in 640 districts, was slated to provide fresh figures to update our understanding of India’s social and economic realities. The... (read full text)

The Sangh Attempts to Subvert Education

For the RSS and its outfits to brand the Jawaharlal Nehru University, known for its Left student movement and noted Leftist academicians, as ‘anti-India’ and ‘anti-Hindu’ was pretty common. But... (read full text)

Interview : “Left must come up as an alternative to take Bihar forward”

Bihar assembly election is being labeled as India’s biggest election after 2014 parliamentary polls. Where does ML stand in the poll arena and what will be the main issues of... (read full text)

Updates : Protest Against Demolition of Workers’ Homes in Chandigarh

Dhanas is a small colony situated in the Union territory of Chandigarh and it also houses several workers living and working in the city. Since last few years there have... (read full text)

Update : Left Parties’ Nationwide Protests Against Corrupt Modi Government

Left parties- CPI (ML), CPI, CPI (M), Forward Block, RSP and SUCI (C) held protest marches and meetings in several cities, state capitals and the national capital, Delhi on 20... (read full text)

Update : All India People’s Forum

Since the founding conference of the AIPF in Delhi in March, there have been many initiatives and efforts on a range of issues. Here is a quick update. Land Rights... (read full text)

Update : Atali: Another Laboratory For Communal Forces

(Excerpt from a report by an AIPF team that visited Atali village in Haryana) In the three-wheeler on the way to Atali, the subject of communal violence is met with... (read full text)