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Delhi’s Dengue Deaths: India’s Public Health System In Crisis

Delhi’s annual dengue epidemic is taking a deadly toll – in the process making a mockery of the tall claims of ‘Swacch Bharat,’ good governance and development by Central and... (read full text)

Towards Bihar Elections: Asserting a People’s Agenda

With the announcement of dates for the five-phase Bihar elections and finalisation of seat-sharing agreements within various alliances, Bihar is now ready for what promises to be the biggest electoral... (read full text)

‘The Static Perishes, The Dynamic Perishes Not’

(In memory of Prof. Malleshappa Madivalappa Kalburgi via a journey through Sharana literature’) Talking about the society of his time, Basveshwar tells his sister Naglambike, “Yes, sister. It seems as though... (read full text)

Turning Campuses Or Factories Into Jails Is Not Only Undemocratic, It Is Also Unsafe

Is it really so difficult to understand that education requires creativity, freedom, a willingness to flout rules and think out of the box? And that stifling ‘discipline,’ punishing nonconformity and... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE // The Message of September 2 : Secure Land & Labour Rights, Stop Sanghi Subversion

On September 2 India witnessed a powerful general strike cutting across most sectors of the economy and civil administration. The strike had been called jointly by central trade unions and... (read full text)

Modi Government’s Response: Lies, Propaganda, Betrayed Promises

Sanjay Sharma On the eve of 46th Indian Labour Conference (ILC) Narendra Modi had said that the tripartite consultations are a good system. Certainly it is. But only when the... (read full text)

UPDATES : Report on Bhagalpur Riots Released by Insaf Manch-AIPF in Patna

On 5 September 2015, the Bhagalpur AIPF unit released a report in Patna on the denial of justice to the Bhagalpur riot victims. The report was released by CPI(ML) General... (read full text)

Refugees in Europe: A Crisis of Racist Borders, Imperialist Wars and Predatory Capital

Recent weeks have seen hundreds of thousands of people who have been forced to flee their homes, from tiny children to the very elderly, the majority from war-torn Syria, arriving... (read full text)

The end of the ‘extreme centre’ in Britain : Corbyn’s Agenda Galvanizes a Seismic Leftward Shift from Below

Thousands of people had already gathered in London’s Hyde Park on 12th September for a mass demonstration in solidarity with refugees when news started spreading: Jeremy Corbyn had been announced... (read full text)


no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark you only run for the border when you see the whole city running as well your neighbors running... (read full text)

Congratulations and Good Wishes to the People of Nepal

The CPI(ML) congratulates the people of Nepal for having adopted a secular democratic Constitution. We honour the many heroic citizens of Nepal who struggled and sacrificed their lives in the... (read full text)

The Battle Lines in the Forthcoming Bihar Elections

The stage is now almost all set for the Assembly elections in Bihar later this year. Having been humiliated in Delhi in the only other Assembly election that took place... (read full text)

SECC Data on Bihar Reveals Neglect and Apathy of Successive Governments

The data for Socio-economic and Caste Census of 2011 (SECC) was released in part last month. This once again reflects the grim reality of increasing deprivation and rich-poor divide. The... (read full text)

Growing Caste, Communal and Gender Violence in Tamil Nadu

Dinakaran, a Tamil Daily dated July 7, 2015 carried a news item with the title ‘Wife who ran away with illicit lover hacked’. The wife left her child behind with... (read full text)

Citizen’s Public Statement on Biometric Profiling through Aadhaar and DNA Bill

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), its Unique Identification (UID)/aadhaar number project and schemes related to them have no support in law. It is violatve of right to privacy which... (read full text)

Notes on GST Bill

An Integral Part of the Neo-liberal Reform Agenda All the big economic reforms that have been offered to us especially in the last three decades have been generally accompanied with... (read full text)

COVER FEATUR : Double Standards Can Never Be Justice

Several recent events have raised fundamental questions about the nature of ‘justice’ in India. The hanging of Yakub Memon was presented as an example of ‘justice’ and ‘rule of law.’... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE : Sri Krishna Commission Report Into 1992-93 Mumbai Communal Riots: A Summary And Excerpts

What Triggered The Violence The Sri Krishna Commission Report firmly holds the demolition of the Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992, and the subsequent ‘victory processions’ with provocative speeches by... (read full text)

COVER FEATURE :// Bhagalpur Riots Revisited : A Quarter Century of Deception and Injustice

On the concluding day of the last session of the Bihar Assembly before the forthcoming elections, the Nitish Kumar government tabled the report of Justice NN Singh commission on the... (read full text)