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The Politics of Prakash Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’

The ‘debate’ over caste-based reservations (a settled debate in many ways) was deliberately raked up by Aarakshan’s makers as a conscious marketing strategy. The pronouncements of prominent figures associated with... (read full text)

Grave Findings of Kashmir SHRC

It’s official now: thousands of ‘disappeared’ Kashmiri civilians did not vanish into thin air or across the border. They lie buried in unmarked mass graves – the victims of custodial... (read full text)

Saving Democracy from the Corrupt, Callous and Repressive Corporate Rule

When Parliament meets in August, the UPA and NDA partners will once again have enough materials to engage each other in a pot-calls-the-kettle-black contest, what with the shadow of the... (read full text)

Anti-Farmer, Pro-Agribusiness

Ever since the Seed Bill 2004 was introduced, it has met with severe opposition from farmers, who recognised it as an assault on their traditional rights over seeds. As a... (read full text)

Govt. Serves Predatory Capitalists, Undermines Justice, Workers’ Rights

Not so long ago, in 2006, Prashant Bhushan, speaking on “The Judiciary – Cutting edge of a predator state,” had commented on “the recent role of the courts in not... (read full text)

Sixty Days of New Regime in West Bengal

Sixty days have elapsed since the TMC-Congress combine assumed power in West Bengal under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. “Change, not revenge” was the slogan with which she had swept... (read full text)

The Gorkhaland Accord – A New Turn in the Politics of the Hills and North Bengal

Even as Telangana continues to burn, the UPA government claims to have found a solution to the Gorkhaland agitation with the signing of a tripartite agreement involving the central government... (read full text)

Repression in Tripura: Is the Tripura CPI(M) Going the West Bengal Way?

On 10-11 July, students and common people in Agartala, the capital of Tripura, were subjected to severe police repression in the wake of an agitation against a new admission system... (read full text)

Firing on Tribals in Guwahati: Growing Authoritarianism

Emboldened by its victorious return to power in the recent Assembly polls, the Congress Government in Assam has begun to show its authoritarian face, with forced eviction of the poor... (read full text)

Land Scam Calls Nitish Kumar’s ‘Anti-Corruption’ Bluff

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has been making appearances with Anna Hazare and promising a Lokayukta in the state, in order to boost his ‘anti-corruption’ image. After being elected CM, one... (read full text)

CPI(ML) Leader Arrested in Odisha

Comrade Tirupati Gamango, CPI(ML) Liberation Odisha state committee member, was arrested by a special squad of Odisha police for addressing a mass meeting in Kashipur block of Rayagada district. Comrade... (read full text)

AIALA , AICCTU, AIKM Leaders Visit Anti-POSCO Struggle

A team of AIALA, AICCTU AND AIKM leaders visited the site of the anti-POSCO struggle on 6 July to extend their solidarity. The team comprised Com. Rameshwar Prasad, National President... (read full text)

Mayawati Govt: Mired in Land Grab, Corruption, Murder

On the heels of the custodial rape, killing of a minor girl at Nighasan, and the subsequent cover-up came the death of Deputy CMO YS Sachan right inside Lucknow jail... (read full text)

Uttarakhand Struggle Update

The All India Kisan Mahasabha has raised the issue of the rights of forest dwellers (living in khattas) and Van Grams (forest villages) for quite a long time. The inhabitants... (read full text)

Letter From Jharkhand

With the BJP being trounced by the JVM in the Jamshedpur Lok Sabha By-elections, the people of Jharkhand have given the Arjun Munda Government its eviction orders. The Munda Government... (read full text)

Demonstration in Gujarat

The CPI(ML) has been campaigning against intimidation and an attack by the MLA Raman Patkar from Umargam taluka in Valsad district of Gujarat. This attack took place on the villagers... (read full text)

Legacy of Rabindranath: Discard the Dead, Uphold the Living

III It was Rabindranath’s firm conviction that (a) occasional issue-based protests against excesses committed by the Raj are necessary, but these should never be allowed to transgress or disturb the... (read full text)

Debt Ceiling Deadlock in US

Even as large swathes of Europe reels under a stubborn debt crisis, from the other side of the Atlantic comes the news of another version of essentially the same problem... (read full text)

Voice of Resistance from Ecuador

Interview with CC Member, PCMLE [This is an interview with Comrade Pablo Miranda, a senior member of the central committee of Communist Party of Ecuador – Marxist Leninist (PCMLE). The... (read full text)