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Gursharan Singh Liberation salutes Comrade Gursharan Singh, revolutionary playwright and theatre-person, who passed away on 27 September at the age of 82 after a long illness. Gursharan Singh joined the... (read full text)

“No True Democracy Is Attainable When The Process Is Determined By Economic Power”

(From Declaration of New York City General Assembly, September 29, 2011) “As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of... (read full text)

CM Swap Yet Again in Uttarakhand

With hardly six months left for the Uttarakhand Assembly elections, the ruling BJP has replaced the State’s Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ with BC Khanduri. When the BJP came to... (read full text)

All India Convention of AILC at Jalandhar

The All India Left Co-ordination (AILC) held at all India Left Convention on 10-11 October, 2011 at the historic Desh Bhakt Yadgar memorial for the martyrs of the Gadar movement... (read full text)

Resisting Exploitation And Defending Democracy

The workers’ struggle at the Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant has, once again, exposed the ugly and exploitative underbelly of liberalised ‘growth.’ It reminds us that in the celebrated industrial enclaves... (read full text)

Modi’s Fast, Advani’s Rath – Whitewash Can’t Hide Blood And Dirt

Modi, with his 3-day fast for ‘harmony,’ was quick to capitalise on the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Gulberg Society massacre case – a verdict that was certainly disappointing to... (read full text)

‘Watchdog’ CPI(M) Barked in Public, Wagged in Private

Cables of US diplomats posted in India, made public by Wikileaks, throw an interesting light on the CPI(M)’s dealings with the US embassy, and CPI(M)’s relationship with the UPA Government... (read full text)

The Janlokpal Movement: A Critical Assessment

With Anna Hazare’s fast over, it is time to revisit some of the debates over the direction and content of the anti-corruption movement. At the outset let us say that... (read full text)

Social Democratic Capitulation and the CPI(M)’s Decline:

The crushing defeat suffered by the CPI(M)-led Left Front after an uninterrupted reign of 34 years in power in West Bengal has triggered renewed debates and considerable churning within Left... (read full text)

Maruti Workers’ Struggle

As they described how the assembly line of workers prepares a whole car in 40 seconds flat, scenes from Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’ took shape before my eyes... (read full text)

Grasp the new dynamics of ongoing working class movement! :: Strive for a planned expansion of our TU base!

The 8th All India Conference is due to be held in the second week of November, 2011 at steel city Bhilai, one of the important industrial centres of Chhattisgarh. The... (read full text)

A Counteroffensive Against Neoliberal Labour Policy

The impressive ASHA rally of 5th September marks the culmination of serious organising efforts which merit some attention. So in addition to a brief report of the event we bring... (read full text)

Through Twists and Turns : the Story of Assam

Starting with 5 ASHAs in Tinsukia district in mid-2007, quickly followed by a district convention attended by about 300 and then a demonstration on 17 JULY before the DC office... (read full text)

Grassroots Experience of an AIPWA Activist

The seventh West Bengal State conference of AIPWA (2006) decided that to solve the long-standing problem of our very weak mass base, we should pay special attention to unorganised working... (read full text)

At the Confluence of Workers and Women’s Movement

(Arindam Sen with inputs from Comrade Rajendra Pratholi is Central Committee in-charge of Uttarakhand.) The upcoming agitations and organisations of rural health workers are powered by a new awakening of... (read full text)

Seeking to Legalise Land Grab

(We are grateful for insights provided by Pranab De’s note on the Draft LARR Bill 2011.) Jairam Ramesh has been declaring that the LARR Bill, proposed to replace the notorious... (read full text)

Police Firing on Dalits in TN

Following the police firing on protesting Dalits at Paramakudi of Ramanathapuram district, Ilayangudi of Sivaganga district, Chinthamani of Madurai district (Southern Tamilnadu) on September 11, a CPIML fact-finding team visited... (read full text)

Updates : 10th UP State Conference of CPI(ML)

The 10th Uttar Pradesh State Conference of CPI(ML) was held on 19-21 September at Gorakhpur (for the Conference the town was named in memory of Com. Jita Kaur Nagar who... (read full text)

Left Convention at Kolkata

Four Left organizations of West Bengal – CPI(ML) Liberation, Democratic Communist Party (Marxist), Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists and Marxbadi Mancha organised a convention on Land And Democracy at Kolkata... (read full text)