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Europe on the Boil

With the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis intensifying, and people’s anger on the rise against austerity measures imposed by the IMF-World Bank, Europe’ ruling classes are struggling to cope. The survival... (read full text)

Comrade Ramnaresh Ram’s 1st Memorial Day

CPI(ML) commemorated the first Memorial Day of Comrade Ramnaresh Ram, veteran of the communist movement in the country and one of the founder leaders of revolutionary peasant movement of Bhojpur... (read full text)

Panchayat and Local Body Elections in TN

In the Local body elections in Tamil Nadu we contested in 170 places for various posts, from Village Panchayat ward members to Corporation ward members: Pudukottai (34), Kanyakumari (32), Tanjore-Nagappattinam... (read full text)

11 Years of Irom Sharmila’s Fast: AFSPA Must Go!

On November 2, 11 years back, a young woman in Manipur, disturbed by the terrible Malom massacre in which the Assam Rifles killed 14 civilians, went on a hunger-fast in... (read full text)

Tribute : Bhupen Hazarika (1926-2011) / J Sri Raman

Bhupen Hazarika (1926-2011) Bhupenda, Your voice will flow on, Throbbing with the pulse of people’s pain and people’s resistance… Your political foray with the right-wing struck a discordant note with... (read full text)

J Sri Raman

Liberation condoles the untimely passing away of J Sri Raman, journalist and leading campaigner against nuclear weapons and communal violence. J Sri Raman was a lifelong peace activist in the... (read full text)

Occupy Wall Street: Revolt of the Ninety Nine Per Cent

After the Arab Spring and (South) European Summer, now it is the turn of American Autumn to unfurl the banner of resistance. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) or the “99... (read full text)

Intensify the Battle against Corruption

With Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee formally distancing himself from the March 25, 2011 note sent by his ministry holding former FM P Chidambaram responsible for not stopping the 2G scam... (read full text)

Prashant Bhushan’s Attackers Are Heirs of Godse, Not Bhagat Singh

“He break (sic) my nation, I break his head” – this was the proud claim (on facebook) of one of the men who attacked Prashant Bhushan. One is irresistibly reminded... (read full text)

Planning Commission’s Poverty of Sensitivity

Following national outrage against the Planning Commission’s Rs 26/Rs32 poverty line, the UPA Government went for some damage control. It was announced that the Planning Commission poverty lines would not... (read full text)

The Age of Robber Barons

The plutocracy in the US and in the rest of the world is facing unprecedented tremors. The epicenter of these tremors lies in New York City where over 100,000 people... (read full text)

People’s Rights Over People’s Resources! :: Left Resurgence Through People’s Resistance!

(Resolution adopted at All India Convention of AILC at Jalandhar, 10-11 October 2011) A year ago, in August 2010, we, representatives of CPI(ML) Liberation, CPM Punjab, LNP(L) Maharashtra and LCC... (read full text)

Maruti Workers’ Strike

The prolonged lockout at the Maruti’s Manesar plant had ended on October 1 with a setback for the workers. In the agreement with the management, the workers agreed to sign... (read full text)


Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal, a staunch proponent of no-loss theory vis-à-vis the 2G scam, has unveiled the New Telecom Policy (NTP) 2011. This has come out... (read full text)

Towards An Effective Lokpal

It is by now widely accepted that the sarkari Lokpal Bill is extremely weak and inadequate. There has been heated debate over the scope, functions and powers of the Lokpal... (read full text)

Communal Violence Bill

The Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparation) Bill 2011 prepared by the NAC has been sharply attacked by the BJP, on the grounds that it... (read full text)

Promoting ‘Profit-Sharing’ or Land Grab?

India’s mining sector is notorious as the source of some of the country’s biggest corruption scandals. Illegal mining activity and blatant violation of existing legislations is rampant in the mineral-rich... (read full text)

First Peasant Movement of Assam

(Police firing this October in Mangaldoi, Assam, on jute farmers demonstrating for remunerative prices, claimed four lives – of farmers Moinul Haque, Syed Ali, Billal Hussain and Akbar Ali. Earlier... (read full text)

Organising Construction Workers in Patna

After agricultural workers, construction workers constitute the biggest segment of the working class in India, numbering around 4 crore. They are literally building the nation – yet they themselves exist... (read full text)