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The Doping Scandal and the State of Indian Sports

Indian sports have been hitting the headlines for all wrong reasons for the past two years. The shame of the CWG and IPL scams were, for some time, overshadowed by... (read full text)

NSUI Goons Beat Up AISA National President For Asking HRD Minister a Question!

On 24 June, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal addressed a Press Conference, asserting his government’s and Ministry’s commitment to privatization of higher education, and pleading ‘fund crunch’ for expanding publicly-funded colleges... (read full text)

Ali Baba’s Cave? :: No – Just Sai Baba’s Chambers!

Hundreds of kilos of gold and silver ornaments. Six crowns studded with gems. 100 suitcases full of bejewelled watches, suitcases full of cameras, artefacts, wall clocks. Pouches full of diamonds... (read full text)

July 2011

... (read full text)

Combat Corruption, Resist Repression! :: Save Democracy, Save India!

On 26 June 1975 the then Congress government imposed the infamous Emergency, suspending all civil liberties, muzzling voices of dissent, jailing opponents and attempting to throttle democracy. This June, 36... (read full text)

The Debacle of the Left Front in West Bengal and Challenges before the Indian Left

Statement issued by the All India Left Coordination after its meeting in Delhi on 28-29 May 2011 The severe defeat of the CPI(M)-led Left Front in the recent Assembly elections... (read full text)

Making a Mockery of ‘Poverty’

The latest NAC draft of the UPA Government’s much-touted Food Security Act follows the Planning Commission’s definition of the ‘poor’ as anyone consuming Rs 20 per day in urban areas... (read full text)

Intensify the Struggle Against Corruption and Corporate Plunder :: Resist the UPA Government’s Undeclared Emergency

The UPA Government, as part of its ‘Green Hunt’ policy, has long been in the habit of branding people’s movements and activists challenging corporate plunder and state repression as ‘left... (read full text)

The Anti-Corruption Movement Needs A Stronger Democratic Thrust

A modified version of this article appeared in the Deccan Chronicle, June 12 2011, under a different heading. By all indications, the issue of corruption has once again begun to... (read full text)

Privatisation Spawns Corruption

After the scams in mining and spectrum, now we have the fresh revelations of a huge scam in oil-and-gas and evidence of massive corruption in the PPP model of constructing... (read full text)

POSCO Plunder

(The following is a summary of a report by the Environment Support Group, Bangalore, titled Tearing through the Water Landscape: Evaluating the environmental and social consequences of POSCO project in... (read full text)

Delhi Airport Scam : ‘PPP’ – Private Plunders the Public

Yet another instance of crony capitalism can be seen in the CAG revelations (to be tabled in Parliament in the monsoon session) of the major corruption involved in the PPP... (read full text)

BJP Govt.’s Sullied Ganga

BJP and its Sangh Parivar make much of their commitment to the ‘sacred’ river Ganga. BJP’s Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pohkriyal Nishank once held a cabinet meeting on the banks... (read full text)

Who is Undermining Parliament? Civil Society or Government?

A debate is raging on the role of civil society and popular movements, and their impact on democracy. In a recent statement, Home Minister P Chidambaram said “Elected members cannot... (read full text)

Young India Against Corruption, Young India For Democracy

For the past one month, AISA-RYA’s nation-wide Student-youth Campaign Against Corruption has been reaching out to people across the country. In this sweltering heat, when campuses are closed for the... (read full text)

Legacy of Rabindranath: Discard the Dead, Uphold the Living

(Continued from Liberation May 2011) II “While all others are engaged all the time in a hundred worldly avocations, You like a truant boy freed from restraints… Played your flute... (read full text)

Maruti Workers’ Strike

The 13-day strike of workers at the Maruti Suzuki factory at Manesar (Gurgaon) finally concluded with a significant victory of the workers this June. The management was forced to reinstate... (read full text)

Working Class Is Awakening the World Over

Rajiv Dimri interviewed George Mavrikos, General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions – WFTU, at the ILC. Greece is witnessing a major upsurge at the present time. Can... (read full text)

International Labour Conference

This is a brief report by Rajiv Dimri on the recently concluded 100th International Labour Conference. The International Labour Conference of ILO held its 100th session from 1-17 June 2011... (read full text)

Mayawati’s UP : Regime of Rape

A 14 year-old dalit-Muslim girl who strays in the vicinity of a police station is raped and killed by police and then hung up on a tree inside the police... (read full text)