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Arab Uprising: When Decades Happen in Weeks

There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen. Lenin said this nearly a hundred years ago during the turbulent days of Russian revolution. The last... (read full text)

Only Pressure from Below can Bring Egypt Democracy

The decapitation of the regime was just the start. The revolution will have to go further if it’s going to deliver what people want Anyone who imagined that the... (read full text)

Egypt protests continue in the factories

Egypt’s striking workers won’t entrust the transition to democracy to the generals who were the backbone of the dictatorship Since Hosni Mubarak fled from Cairo, and even before then... (read full text)

Diary of an Egyptian Rebel

As people look down from balconies they wave at them: “Come down from the heights / come and get your rights.” People wave back. For two hours we walk the... (read full text)

Violence Against Women: Grim Picture

On 8 March last year, the UPA-II had passed the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Rajya Sabha with much fanfare. As the International Women’s Day Centenary culminating on 8 March... (read full text)

Reflections on a crime against women at JNU

To a campus that prides itself on being progressive and gender-sensitive, where women and men have actively struggled for gender equality, the production and circulation of a sex clip involving... (read full text)

Neoliberalism, ‘Women’s Empowerment’ and Agricultural Labour*

Many of the critical discussions taking place regarding neoliberalism in academic, activist and policy circles focus on the contrast between neoliberal policies and other ways of organizing capitalism – in... (read full text)

Uptates : Forest Dwellers Rally in Haldwani

On 2 February, villagers from the khattas (forest settlements) and forest dwellers of a large number of villages came together for a spirited rally at Haldwani. This ‘Unity Rally’ was... (read full text)

TN updates : Campaign for Land Reforms

On Feb 14 state-wide demonstrations were held by CPI(ML) and AIALA demanding immediate convocation of a special session of the Assembly on land reforms and formation of a Land Reforms... (read full text)

Update : AISA & Worker (2 reports)

AISA Holds “People’s Parliament on Education” On the first day of the budget session of Parliament (Feb 21st), AISA held a “People’s Parliament on Education”, in which several noted educationists... (read full text)

Campaign against Killer Vedanta in Shevaroy Hills

The notorious Vedanta group which has been denied mining rights in Niyamgiri Hills of Odisha in the face of powerful mass protests is engaged in illegal and destructive mining activities... (read full text)

13th Death Anniversary of Com. Anil Baruah Observed

CPI(ML), AICCTU, AIPWA and Sadou Asom Janasanskritik Parishad jointly observed the 13th death anniversary of Comrade Anil Baruah at Guwahati Press Club on 11 February, the day on which ULFA... (read full text)

Patna Univ. Students Protest Death of Fellow Student

Chandrashekhar, a BA student at Patna College and Co-Convener of AISA in Patna University, was grievously injured when he fell from the un-barred window of a room in Minto Hostel... (read full text)

The Modern Occupation

The history of inception of Israel can give further perspective to the current nature of the state of Israel. Israel started as a colonial project with political Zionism at its... (read full text)

Rise against Soaring Prices and Rampant Corruption! -###- Rise against the Corrupt, Repressive and Treacherous UPA Regime!! -###- Onward to Delhi, Onward to the March 14 “People’s March to Parliament”!!!

Can you imagine a country where 77% people live on a daily budget of less than Rs. 20 while foodgrains rot in state custody and rising food prices subject more... (read full text)

In Solidarity with the anti-POSCO Resistance Struggle in Odisha

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has chosen to clear the notorious POSCO project in Odisha – in spite of the fact that three separate committees – the Saxena Committee... (read full text)

Intensify Resistance Against Corruption and Price Rise

Swamped by allegations of corruption of massive proportions on many fronts, the Congress and UPA Government has decided to brazen it out with a campaign of cover up and creating... (read full text)

The lingering inflation tide

As if rampant corruption were not enough, a shocking price spike has caught the government unawares. Coming at the head of persistent inflation that has already completed more than two... (read full text)

Saffron Terror and Witch-hunt of Minorities

Between 2006 and 2009, a series of terrorist blasts occurred (Malegaon, September 2006; Samjhauta Express, February 2007; Mecca Masjid, May 2007; Ajmer Sharif, October 2007; Modasa, September, 2008 Malegaon, September... (read full text)