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Jaya’s Diktats Hit Students Hard

As soon as Jayalalitha came to power, she has immediately discontinued policies and projects associated with the previous government. She discontinued the new assembly complex – that cost Rs.1200 crore... (read full text)

BJP Attacks CPI(ML) Activists in Gujarat

The BJP, backed by the state machinery, are attacking and intimidating dalits and adivasis in Valsad district of Gujarat who joined the CPI(ML). On 13 June, BJP MLA Raman Patkar... (read full text)

Workers’ Rally in Jharkhand

On June 10 at Ramgarh, Jharkhand, a massive ‘majdoor ekta rally’ was organized by the district units of AICCTU of Ramgarh and Hazaribag. Nearly three thousand organized and unorganized workers... (read full text)

Forbesganj Atrocity Exposes Nitish’s Repressive and Communal Face

The barbaric atrocity at Forbesganj has shocked people all over the country. Poor people (who happened to be of the minority community) were protesting against a public road being blocked... (read full text)

Long Live Veteran Comrade Lal Singh Kushwaha!

Senior-most veteran communist leader of the Chambal region, Comrade Lal Singh Kushwaha, passed away at the age of 104 on 14 June 2011. He breathed his last in Gingrikh village... (read full text)

In Solidarity with Anti-POSCO Movement

As the Odisha Government went ahead with its plan of forced land grab for the POSCO project, women, children, elders, youth and men of the Dhinkia, Govindpur and other villages... (read full text)

Tribute : M F Husain

Maqbool Fida Husain is no more. He breathed his last on 9 June 2011, exiled from his homeland, in London. Dragged into controversy by the Hindutva forces in the latter... (read full text)

June 2011

... (read full text)

The Collapse of the ‘Left Front’ in West Bengal and the Way Ahead for the Indian Left

The inevitable has finally happened. The Left Front government of West Bengal, the longest-serving government in India’s parliamentary history, has been trounced quite miserably in the recent Assembly elections. The... (read full text)

Osama Is Dead – But US Imperialism’s World Wide War Lives On

The US has proclaimed its success in its decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden, culminating in the killing of Laden by US military operatives in a house in Abbotabad in... (read full text)

Fresh Evidence of Modi’s Role in Gujarat Genocide

The massacre of Muslims in Gujarat that began on February 28 2002 and went on for the next few days could not possibly have taken place without being condoned and... (read full text)

Patriarchal Ideology and Political Culture

As soon as women step beyond the bounds of traditional roles and especially if they enter public life and politics, patriarchal interests feel threatened and deploy their usual repertoire of... (read full text)

Endosulfan, Asbestos: Ban the Poisons Now!

On May 13th 2011, the Supreme Court (SC) banned the use, sale, production and export of the pesticide endosulfan throughout the country, citing its harmful effects. For more than two... (read full text)

Mayawati Must Resign

The past four years of Mayawati’s rule in UP has witnessed spiralling criminalisation, corruption, violence on women, land grab, killing of farmers and repression on people’s movements. Mayawati rode to... (read full text)

The May 13 Mandate: Lessons for the Left

Election outcomes in India continue to surprise poll analysts. Even though most exit polls and post-poll surveys had quite accurately predicted the landslide against the CPI(M) in West Bengal, nobody... (read full text)

A Punishment As Well As A Warning

Belying all predictions of a close contest, the AIADMK front won 203 out of 234 seats. The ruling DMK – Congress combine was virtually routed. While Mamata and her allies... (read full text)

Kerala Nearly Broke the Tradition of Revolving Coalitions

The incumbent government and the ruling coalition throwing up an effective challenge to the opposition of the day, by securing 68 against 72, is something unheard of in the electoral... (read full text)

Congress Gets Unexpectedly Decisive Majority

Defying all assessments of media circles and almost all political camps, the Congress registered an unexpectedly huge victory by winning 78 of 126 seats of Assam Assembly. Tarun Gogoi has... (read full text)

The Great Bengal Verdict and After

The loud and clear mandate for change in a state that came to symbolise political stagnation and the status quo has been rightly seen as a repetition of 1977 in... (read full text)

For a Powerful Proletarian Intervention

In the Campaign against Corruption (Highlights of the speech delivered by Arindam Sen at a seminar organized by the Assam Provincial Bank Employees’ Association (APBEA) in Guwahati on May 6... (read full text)