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AILC March to Parliament

On 14 March, thousands of people from all over the country marched through the streets of Delhi to Parliament demanding that the UPA Government quit in light of unprecedented corruption... (read full text)

Combating Corruption in Corporate-Dominated India

Corruption has once again emerged as arguably the foremost concern of the Indian people. Not a week passes without some scam being unearthed in some corner of the country. These... (read full text)

Remembering Dr. Kotnis in his Birth Centenary Year

Dwarakanath Shantaram Kotnis was one of the younger members of the Indian medical mission to China in 1938. Born in October 1910 in a lower middle class family in Solapur... (read full text)

Women Celebrating IWD Centenary Arrested in UP

Women at many places in Uttar Pradesh were forced to celebrate International Women’s Day in jail! UP has seen a spate of incidents of violence on women, with ruling BSP... (read full text)

First AIKM State Conference in Uttarakhand

The first Uttarakhand State Conference of All India Kisan Mahasabha (AIKM) was held on 9-10 March at Almora. The conference venue was named after Comrade Ram Naresh Ram and the... (read full text)

Bloodshed and Bold Resistance

[On 28 February, villagers protesting a thermal power plant in Kakarapalli, Andhra Pradesh, faced severe repression and police firing in which two were killed and many injured. On 2 March... (read full text)

Suspected Child Sacrifice in TN Village

A fact finding team of PUCL, AIPWA and AISA visited the village Katchaikatti in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu on 26 January to investigate the brutal murder of a four... (read full text)

Attack on Dalits in Madurai

On 13 February, there was an attack on Dalits in Parali Pudur village near Madurai but which is part of Dindigul District. The police and administration failed to act for... (read full text)

Campaign for a Just Wage for N Bengal Tea Plantation Workers

With 1692 registered tea producers and nine auction centers, the tea industry sees an annual turnover of over Rs. 9000 crores. North Bengal has about 450 gardens spread out in... (read full text)

Updates from Punjab AICCTU

The main base of AICCTU in Sangrur district is the brick kiln workers. They work most of the time as bonded labour; they get advance payments at the start of... (read full text)

Stop Imperialist Aggression on Libya

(with inputs from Arvind) With the Western powers and their allies including the Saudi monarchy launching a military intervention in Libya, the people’s ongoing movement to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi’s regime... (read full text)

March 2011

... (read full text)

Confessions of a CEO Prime Minister

Ahead of the budget session of Parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had a televised meeting with some select editors of television channels. The Prime Minister had a simple explanation for... (read full text)

RSS Letter to PM: Desperate Bid to Save Face?

As the spool of the Hindutva terror networks begins to unravel, and the question whether terror can be prefixed by ‘saffron’ or ‘Hindutva’ begins to be asked on television channels... (read full text)

Indian Skies up for Sale

This is an era of liberalized scams involving politician-bureaucrat-big business nexus in looting the national assets. The heat generated by 2G spectrum has not subsided. Now, CAG audit findings have... (read full text)

Covering Up Communal Violence

[Between August and October 2008, BJP-ruled Karnataka witnessed over fifty attacks on Christian institutions across the state, with the attacks peaking around September 14-15 when simultaneous attacks took place at... (read full text)

Food Security for All: Too Much for UPA-II to Digest?

The tussle between the National Advisory Council and the Expert Committee headed by the PM’s Economic Advisor C Rangarajan over the National Food Security Bill is being projected as a... (read full text)

The Raymond Davis case: Peeling one layer of subterfuge

The U.S. has committed several outright crimes in the course of its fancifully named “global war on terror”. These have invariably been embroidered and portrayed as accidental missteps that the... (read full text)

Rulers Are Pushing the Country Deeper into Crisis, Communists Must Lead the People out of this Crisis

(Comrade Dipankar’s address at the AILC Convention held in Kozhikode, Kerala on 22 January) Comrades, When we had assembled in Delhi to launch this All India Left Coordination, it was... (read full text)

Privatisation Has Paved the Way for Corruption

Corruption is corroding Indian democracy, and massive scams are being discovered all around. Corruption is commonly understood as bribe-taking, but that is not really the case. Rather... (read full text)