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‘Expert’ Route to Backtrack on Telangana?

Far from resolving the vexed Telangana question, the Srikrishna Committee report had further complicated it. The various options seem to have been invoked by it with the singular aim of... (read full text)

No Lessons Learnt from Nandigram

The CPI(M) in West Bengal has blood on its hands once again. In a horrific massacre in Netai village, Lalgarh, at least 7 people including 2 women have been shot... (read full text)

Justice and Democracy on Trial

[The Raipur Sessions Court verdict condemning Dr. Binayak Sen to life imprisonment under a range of draconian laws including ‘sedition,’ has been met with an outpouring of protest all over... (read full text)

Explosion of Protest

[A team of the All India Left Coordination (AILC) comprising LNP(L) leaders Comrades Bhalchandra Kelkar, Medha Thatte, Prakash Jadhav, Bhanudas Zanzale from Pune, LNP(L) Secretary Bhimrao Bansode, and other LNP(L)... (read full text)

Rapists Protected

[In the past couple of months, several recent cases – at Purnea, Banda, Mansa – emerged where powerful and well-connected rapists were protected by the police and authorities, with the... (read full text)

Jharkhand Panchayat Elections

After a gap of 32 years, the three-tier Panchayat elections were finally concluded Jharkhand, generating tremendous enthusiasm and participation at the grassroots with more than 70% polling and significant participation... (read full text)

Updates : Fisherfolk Resist Mafia in Odisha

On 20 January, 10,000 fisherpeople in 1000 boats entered Chilika under the banner of the Chilika Matsyajibi Mahasangh and demolished 15,000 acres of prawn gherries belonging to the powerful prawn... (read full text)

Update : AILC Announces Agitation

Against the backdrop of deepening economic and political crisis in the country, All India Left Coordination (AILC) held an important political convention at Kozhikode in Kerala on 22 January, 2011... (read full text)

Update : AISA National Campaign

In the backdrop of massive scams and corporate loot, intensified crackdown on movements, state repression, and the conviction of Binayak Sen, AISA organised a nation-wide campaign between 11-19 January 2011... (read full text)

The Modern Occupation

The Middle-East is burning; indeed, peace has been a chimera... (read full text)

Salman Taseer Remembered

(Excerpted from the London Review of Books, Vol. 33 No. 2, 20 January 2011) Mumtaz Hussain Qadri smiled as he surrendered to his colleagues after shooting Salman Taseer, the governor... (read full text)

CPI(ML) Condoles the Passing of Veteran Civil Liberties Fighter K G Kannabiran

At a time when civil liberties and people’s movements are under unprecedented attack, the loss of K G Kannabiran will be deeply felt. For the past more than 40 years... (read full text)

We Must Rise to the Occasion

As 2010 draws to a close, the country is witnessing an unprecedented spate of mega scams. The 2G spectrum scam alone is estimated to be of the order of Rs... (read full text)

Historic Capitulation to Imperialism at Cancun

Yet another round of climate change negotiations ended in Cancun, Mexico earlier this month. And yet again, the talks have resulted in a shameful betrayal of the interests of the... (read full text)

Nobel Prize and the Price of Peace

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. China termed the award a calculated affront, and with Liu Xiaobo in prison serving an 11-year... (read full text)

Microfinance: Moneylending in a New Avatar?

Micro-credit has long been touted as the panacea for poverty and mantra for women’s empowerment all over the world, and in liberalised India too. Accordingly, micro-credit and SHGs spread like... (read full text)

The French Deal and the Indian Resistance

Like his American counterpart, French President Nicolas Sarkozy came to India primarily to sell all kinds of products ranging from Mirage fighter aircrafts to seats in French universities. But he... (read full text)

WikiLeaks: Unmasking Imperialism

For an empire that cloaks its aggressions and coercions in the benign garb of ‘liberation’ and ‘democracy’, those who lay bare the truth are dangerous. WikiLeaks, with its devastating exposure... (read full text)

The Sham of Democracy

Truth is potent, truth is dangerous. Truth is what most governments fear and over times they have shrouded it from the masses in the cloak of secrecy. Under the garb... (read full text)